Disabled & Neglected Vehicles

Disabled Vehicles

Anyone whose vehicle is temporarily disabled must contact Parking and Transportation Office at (585) 475-2074 or go to the Parking and Transportation Office office and provide your name, university ID number, vehicle description, nature of the problem, and vehicle location.

A Parking and Transportation Office officer will meet the driver at the vehicle, verify the problem, and issue a disabled vehicle tag. A vehicle is not considered disabled unless it bears an appropriate tag issued by Parking and Transportation Office or the parking office.

The owner/operator has 24 hours to correct the problem or have the vehicle removed from campus. After this time period RIT reserves the right to have the vehicle towed at the owner/operator's expense. Parking and Transportation Office and/or the parking office reserves the right to request that the vehicle be moved immediately if it impedes traffic or is a safety hazard.


Neglected Vehicles

Inoperative or unlicensed vehicles parked on RIT property which have not moved for more than seven days are considered neglected and will be removed from campus at the owner/operator's expense. The owner/operator is responsible for any storage fees resulting from such towing.