Employee Fees

Parking Permit Fees

All RIT employees and others who work on campus must register their vehicle(s) annually with the parking office at the start of the academic year.  RIT employees will be charged an annual fee for a parking permit, with pro-rated permits available for those who are not at RIT for the entire academic year. This applies to the following groups:

  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Adjunct faculty
  • Temporary employees
  • Temporary agency employees
  • Temporary instructors

If you are an RIT employee and alumnus/alumna of the school, you are subject to employee fees. The employee parking permit fee is based on the annual salary level of the individual as of July 1st. The salary levels are as follows:


Level 1: Less than $43,000
Level 2: $43,000 – $90,999
Level 3: $91,000 - $135,999
Level 4: $136,000 and above
Motorcycle Only, Level 1
Motorcycle Only, Levels 2-4


Action Required for All Salary Levels

Register for a general or reserved parking pass via the PATS website, and select the payment method for any applicable fees.


Registration and Reserve Lots

Vehicle registration will begin in August and employees may choose payroll deduct. Payroll deduct is a pre-tax deduction from the paycheck and will be applied in equal increments for the entire academic year.
NOTE: The parking office does not know the salary levels of employees; only the payroll office will know the salary level of employees.

Alternatively, employees can also pay for their annual registration in a lump sum at the payroll office in Eastman Hall, but payments made via this option cannot be treated as a pre-tax deduction.

The annual parking permit issued to an employee is valid in general parking spaces on campus as defined in the parking rules on the RIT parking website.

RIT has a limited number of reserved parking spaces which can be purchased.  The reserve permits are sold on a first-come-first-served basis (with the exception of Admin, Gannett, and R-Lot which are auto-renewal for annual permits only). The annual fees for the reserved parking spaces are as follows (the annual registration fee is included in these prices):


Single Lot (D, E, F, J, L, M, S, CIMS West, Grace Watson, Gleason Circle, Sol Heuman Circle)
Multi Lot (good only in E, F, J, S) and electric vehicle charging station access
Special Lot (R, Gannett Hall Loading Dock)
Annual permits only sold for these lots. Auto-renewal applies.
Admin Lot (senior administration approval only)


* NOTE: U-Lot – There will be a few days throughout the year that a small portion of the lot will be blocked off for events.

The RIT parking office regularly enforces the parking rules on campus. All drivers of vehicles on campus are expected to park in accordance with RIT parking policies & procedures as outlined at the RIT parking website.

All citations issued to vehicles parked on campus in violation of RIT parking policies & procedures will be the responsibility of the person who registered the vehicle.