Guest (Alumni, Retirees, Others) Fees

Guests who park on the RIT campus more than twice per month must register their vehicle(s) annually with the parking office. This rule applies to:

  • Retirees
  • Alumni (RIT employees not included)
  • Gym members
  • Osher members
  • Rivers Run community members
  • Any others who visit the campus frequently

These guests of the university must apply for a $25 annual community pass. Infrequent visitors who come to campus less than twice per month can stop at the welcome center for a complimentary guest day pass.

Click here to apply for a community/temporary pass online!

Concerning RIT employees who are alumni

While RIT boasts a large number of faculty and staff who are alumni, we consider you to be an employee first. Therefore, you are subject to the employee parking fees determined by your salary level.



Guest vehicle registration will begin August 17th and guests will have the option of paying fees in one of two ways:

  1. In-person at the parking office in Grace Watson Hall (with cash, check, or credit card)
  2. Contact the parking office for other purchasing options (Monday through Friday, 8 am - 5pm; call (585) 475-2074)


The annual parking permit issued to a guest is valid in general parking spaces on campus as defined in the parking rules on the RIT parking website.

The RIT parking office regularly enforces the parking rules on campus. All drivers of vehicles on campus are expected to park in accordance with RIT parking policies & procedures as outlined at the RIT parking website.

All citations issued to vehicles parked on campus in violation of RIT parking policies & procedures will be the responsibility of the person who registered the vehicle.