Any illegally parked vehicle may be towed or booted at the owner/operators expense. This includes vehicles:

  • Parked in fire lanes or in handicapped spaces without proper authorization.
  • Inhibiting the safe movement of buses, construction, or other vehicles.
  • Blocking snow removal or emergency operations.
  • With multiple citations for being unregistered on RIT properties will be towed or booted.

Towed or booted vehicles may not be claimed until the owner/operator has arranged payment for tow charges and all outstanding fines/fees at the Parking Office, Grace Watson Hall. Vehicles are towed to an off-campus impound area and requires a release form from the Parking Office to be claimed.

Anyone claiming a towed vehicle is responsible for providing his/her own transportation to impound area. The owner/operator must pay any storage fees and sales tax incurred as a result of the towing.

RIT is not responsible for damage to vehicles as a result towing. The towing contractor is required to carry adequate insurance to cover any damage incurred during towing.