Informative message

New RIT Service Center (RSC)
Contact the RIT Service Center at 585-475-5000 or with all questions related to Parking and Transportation as of October 14, 2020.

Parking and Transportation Services coordinates and manages transportation services offered to students, faculty, staff and visitors of the RIT community.  A strong emphasis has been placed on providing alternative transportation programs and facilities. These include transit services (bus/shuttle system), bicycle facilities and amenities, ridesharing program, and motorcycle accommodations. These new initiatives are part of an effort to introduce Travel Demand Management (TDM) techniques to our community. TDM refers to a set of policies and programs intended to reduce the number of vehicles traveling to- and parking on- the campus during peak periods. TDM strategies can result in significant benefits to the RIT community with everyone's participation.

The following items are in effect for this year:

RIT Rideshare Program

Bicycle Program

Campus Shuttle Services


Please visit the links below for more information about transportation services:

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Driver Certification

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