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As part of the Comprehensive Parking and Transportation Strategy the concept of Travel Demand Management (TDM) surfaced as one of the key ingredients to reducing parking demand on campus. The primary purpose of TDM is to reduce the number of vehicles using the road system while providing a wide variety of mobility options to those who wish to travel. Effective TDM employer programs usually employ a wide variety of TDM alternatives and strategies, each mutually supporting the overall objective of trip reduction. When a TDM program is designed to provide time or financial advantages to the commuter, fewer people will drive alone during the peak. When such advantages are not provided, the program will not accomplish much. Typical TDM alternatives to single occupant vehicles include:

  • Carpool/Vanpools/Car Sharing
  • Public/Private Shuttle Services
  • Bicycle Travel and Amenities
  • Walking
  • Telecommuting/Flex Work Schedules

Parking and Transportation Services is committed to providing various alternative transportation modes. The RIT Rideshare program and Bicycle program are just being initiated this Fall. Continue to check back on new program updates. Below additional information is provided on each of the travel modes available.



Skates & Skateboards

Snowmobile, Motorbikes, etc.

Walking Escort