Where May I Park?


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New RIT Service Center (RSC)
Contact the RIT Service Center at 585-475-5000 or help.rit.edu with all questions related to Parking and Transportation as of October 14, 2020.

RIT parking regulations require that all vehicles operated on campus by students, faculty, staff and contract employees must be registered with the Parking Office. The vehicle registration process starts by clicking on the right labeled "myParking Account." See the specific parking rules for Commuter Students, Employees, Residence Halls Students and Apartment Residents by clicking on the individual links below. Refer to the Campus Map for parking lot locations.


Vehicle Registration

  • All active institute members (students, employees, and contract employees) that are on campus on a daily/frequent basis must register their vehicles.
  • All vehicles must be registered (issued new permit) annually.
  • Vehicles must be registered before arriving on campus.
  • Vehicle registration virtual permits are valid from the dates show on your MyParking Portal account.
  • Students and employees who fail to register their vehicles and/or properly display the permit will be fined.
  • All visitors, temporary employees, contractors, and vendors must obtain a day pass or apply for a special permit from the Parking Office.
  • The registration process is complete only when a permit has been purchased.
  • All permits are virtual.


General Parking Rules

  • All parking restrictions are in effect year round seven days a week including break weeks, holidays and weekends.
  • Vehicles parked in unauthorized locations will be ticketed or towed at the owner/operator's expense.
  • The display of more than one current permit invalidates all current permits and may subject the owner/operator to a fine.
  • The person whose name is listed on the Parking Office registration is responsible for any violations involving that vehicle.
  • The Institute is under no obligation to mark all areas where parking is prohibited. It is the responsibility of the vehicle operator to park in accordance with the regulations. Lack of signs does not imply lack of enforcement.
  • Parking rules may be revised at any time.
  • During the summer and break weeks, residential students with a valid permit can park in any general parking space.


The following sections documents the parking regulations:


Employees, Contract Employees, and Vendors