Key and Lock Policy


The physical safety of students, faculty and staff, along with the security of Institute and personal property, require strict adherence to the following policies and procedures by the entire Institute community.  Facilities Management Services (FMS) is responsible for carrying out these policies and procedures.  


  1. Although FMS is responsible for carrying out these policies and procedures, ultimate responsibility for their enforcement rests with the Deans and Vice-Presidents.
  2. Deans and Vice-Presidents may appoint a Key Control Coordinator 1  (KCC) to represent them.  KCPS must be your College’s Facility Manager or at the Associate Department Chair/Manager level (or higher).
  3. Each KCC will have the following duties for the areas occupied by their colleges or departments:
    1. Maintaining accurate records of keys issued to employees within the department, college or area of responsibility.
    2. Authorizing and communicating all lock changes and key requests to FMS.
    3. Communicating any changes to FMS regarding previously issued keys (e.g. newly hired staff member given key of retiring staff member).
    4. Ensuring that to the degree practical, only a minimal number of individuals are issued keys to any spaces for which they are responsible.
    5. Ensuring that those individuals for whom keys are authorized, receive a key of the lowest control level possible to meet their needs.
    6. Conducting an annual key audit to verify the accuracy of their key records.
    7. Reporting any discrepancies to FMS.

Control and Security

  1. All keys, locks, and access systems are the property of the Institute.
  2. FMS is the only authorized department to specify and install locking devices and/or access systems.
  3. All campus buildings will be keyed to a grand master key.  Public Safety (PS) will be the only department authorized to maintain a grand master key.
  4. Each campus building will have all spaces within that building keyed to a building master key.  Only Deans and Vice Presidents, or their specifically designated KCC, will be issued building master keys and only for the buildings they occupy.  All requests for building master keys must also be approved by PS.
  5. Requests for spaces within a building to be keyed “off master” will only be considered if there are compelling reasons (i.e. so stipulated in a grant) and must be submitted to and approved by PS,
  6. Spaces within a building occupied by the same department may be keyed to a sub-master key.  Only Deans and Vice-Presidents or their specifically designated KCC may authorize the use of a sub-master system and designate issuance of sub-master keys.  All requests for sub-master keys must also be approved by PS.
  7. Keys should be issued sparingly on a need to have (not a convenience) basis.   Sub-master and master keys should be issued even more sparingly. 
  8. FMS will only issue keys to permanent employees.  When extenuating circumstances dictate, KCPS may provide keys (issued to them) to student employees or consultants, however, any such keys should be at the lowest control level possible to meet their needs and shall remain the responsibility of the KCC.
  9. Keys should never be left unattended.  If not carried, keys should be secured behind two locks (e.g. inside a locked file inside a locked office). PS should be consulted for recommendations if master or sub-master keys are not to be personally carried but rather permanently left in a locked cabinet.
  10. Lost or stolen keys, or keys not returned by a retiring or terminated employee should be reported immediately both to PS and FMS.         

Key and Lock Requests

  1. Key and lock changes must be made with a Facilities Service Request. Requests made verbally or by e-mail, fax, or written memo can not be honored.
  2. Requests must be authorized by the Dean, Vice-President, or KCC occupying the space.
  3. FMS will distribute all keys through the KCC.

Key Return

  1. Broken or damaged keys should be returned to FMS; replacement keys will be issued at no charge.
  2. Departments vacating space must return all keys to that space to FMS.
  3. Unidentified keys should be returned to FMS.

1 Deans and Vice-Presidents may appoint more than one KCC, however, no more than one per Department.