Lifestyle Floors

If you want the variety of people and experiences of living in a residence hall, but like the idea of floors designed for a particular lifestyle, consider a Lifestyle Floor.

All-Male and All-Female Floors

If you prefer to live on a floor that is all male or all female, you may choose this option when selecting your room online. Students may also be placed on a single-sex floor without requesting this option. Opposite-sex visitation is allowed on single-sex floors.


Gender-inclusive housing provides students with the opportunity to room with the student(s) regardless of sex, gender, gender identity/expression, or sexual orientation. Only students who apply for Gender-inclusive housing are assigned to this option.

Some Gender-inclusive rooms are clustered together to create a community on a Gender-inclusive Floor.  In addition to the Gender-inclusive Floors, individual Gender-inclusive rooms may be found throughout each of the other Residence Halls.

RIT offers this option to help create an environment that acknowledges, appreciates, and respects the diverse nature of the RIT student body while giving students more flexibility in finding a roommate who is truly compatible. 

Interested students must indicate in the housing application they are interested in Gender-inclusive housing. By selecting “yes” (you are interested), you will be able to search for other students who have also selected “yes” and match as roommates, and you will be able to search for Gender Inclusive rooms during room selection. 

Students interested in a Gender-inclusive community should select a room on a Gender-inclusive Floor. Gender-inclusive Floors for incoming and current students in the Residence Halls are located in Sol Heumann HallMark Ellingson Hall, Carlton Gibson Hall, Helen Fish Hall, Eugene Colby Hall, and Peter Peterson Hall.


Mainstream Floors

Mainstream floors encourage intentional interaction between hearing and deaf/hard-of-hearing students while providing opportunities to learn from each other by sharing a floor. Mainstream floors are located in Sol Heumann Hall, Mark Ellingson Hall, Peter Peterson Hall, and Residence Hall D.

RIT Housing does not assign hearing and deaf/hard-of-hearing students as roommates unless both students request an assignment together. Students may be placed on a mainstream floor without requesting this option.

The RAs assigned to these floors have varying American Sign Language skill levels, and are inclusive of all residents who select or are placed in this housing option. RAs may be hearing or deaf/hard of hearing.

Honors Housing

Students who have been accepted into the RIT Honors Program have the opportunity to live in honors housing in Carlton Gibson Hall, where they can build friendships and mutual support in the honors community while taking advantage of honors activities beyond the classroom. First year honors students are encouraged to select honors housing, but may also choose other residence hall options, such as Special Interest Houses.