End of Year

 For All Students Living in RIT Housing

Please complete the End of Spring Semester Plan informing RIT when you will be moving out of your current RIT housing assignment.

Submit Your Plan

Thank you for choosing to live in RIT housing. We hope you have a wonderful summer and wish you safe travels.

Move-out Date

All students in RIT housing are encouraged to move out of RIT housing 24 hours after their last exam.  All students in RIT housing must move out no later than Saturday, May 15, 2021, at 10:00 a.m. Graduating seniors and those working graduation have until Sunday, May 16, 2021, at noon to check out of RIT housing. RIT’s official move-out date is May 15, 2021.  Please note personal items not removed from your room or apartment will be considered abandoned and may be disposed of in accordance with NY State Abandoned Property Rules.    

Failure to Move Out on Scheduled Move-out Date

RIT Housing will charge a student $50 per day for each day beyond the contract-end date (move-out date) that they fail to vacate. 

Visitors to Campus

The RIT Guest Policy prohibits non-students from visiting the residence halls and apartments. Beginning May 1, 2021, large gray moving carts will be available daily for Residence Hall students to check out on the first floor of Ellingson Hall and the first floor of Kate Gleason Hall to assist students with their move out. We encourage students to use these carts or the carts available in the RIT Housing office in Grace Watson Hall to move their belongings out on their own to maintain physical distancing and abide by the RIT Guest Policy.

If a student needs assistance from a family member or other non-student visitor, they may have one person assist them, provided they accompany that individual at all times. Any individual who assists a student during move-out must abide by all RIT policies and expectations, including the RIT Safety Plan for Visitors.

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Return Your Housing to Move-in Condition

RIT Housing inspects all rooms, apartments, and suites upon the student vacating. Review each section below to ensure you complete the necessary steps to return your housing back to move-in condition. The health and safety of the RIT community are a priority. Please take additional measures to clean and disinfect your space(s) prior to check out to aid in stopping the spread of COVID-19.

The condition of the room, apartment, or suite, including all furnishings and fixtures, and any damage, which is determined by RIT Housing, to have occurred during the student's occupancy will be documented by RIT Housing. Additional fees may be assessed for damage and/or failure to follow this procedure (see sections 5.09, 5.10, and 5.11 of the 2020-2021 Terms & Conditions).

  • Personal belongings should be removed from the room, apartment, or suite; belongings not removed will be considered abandoned and will be discarded at the student’s expense (see section 5.11 and section 15.01 of the 2020-2021 Terms and Conditions)
  • Remove all trash and unwanted items.
  • Ionic air purifier units are to be left in the room at end of year move-out. They are RIT property and are used to support a healthy environment.
  • Storage is not allowed in RIT housing. Make arrangements for o­ff-campus storage.
  • RIT’s official move-out date is May 15, 2021.  Please note personal items not removed from your room or apartment will be considered abandoned and may be discarded in accordance with NY State abandoned property procedures.   
  • Furniture existing at move-in must be in the room, apartment, or suite and in good shape.
  • Dressers and desks should be thoroughly clean inside and out.
  • Walls/doors/door frames must be washed and any black marks, dirt, and grease removed.
  • Windows must be washed. Wash the interior sills and window groove wells. If there is a sliding glass door, clean the glass and the door grooves.
  • Tile/linoleum floors must be thoroughly cleaned. Clean in the corners and around edges. Do not wax.
  • Carpeted floors must have all items removed from the floor. Vacuum under and around all furniture.
  • Closets/pantry/storage areas must be cleaned thoroughly. Vacuum floors and wipe down shelves.
  • Window blinds must be thoroughly dusted.
  • Shower/sinks/fixtures/countertops must be cleaned thoroughly. Clean under sinks. Remove soap film from shower walls.
  • Shower curtainmust be cleaned or replaced.
  • The toilet must be cleaned thoroughly, removing all stains inside the bowl. Clean around base and tank.
  • Mirrors/medicine cabinet must be cleaned inside and out. Clean the mirror with a glass cleaner. Clean the inside of the cabinet. 
  • Refrigerator must be thoroughly cleaned inside and out.
  • The stove must be cleaned. Clean the top burner plates, broiler, and oven. Clean and remove all burnt food and grease throughout the oven. Clean under stovetop and the drip pans under the burners.
  • Range hoods and the light fixtures above the stove must be cleaned until they are free of grease.
  • Cupboards must be cleaned thoroughly inside and out.
  • Empty out microfridge
  • Unplug the unit
  • Clean the microwave, refrigerator, and freezer
  • Leave the door open before you leave 

Key Return

To check out of RIT housing, you must return your key to the RIT Housing office. The date you return your key is your recorded check-out date. A labeled key return envelope will be distributed to all students for use by the first week of May. 

  • Place your key(s) and/or access card in a white return envelope. Envelopes can be found at the RIT Housing office. 
    • RIT Inn check out is at the front desk of the RIT Inn.
    • Students in Global Village 405 who do not have keys are still required to fill out a white key return envelope.
  • Fill out the necessary information and sign the envelope.
  • Between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., return the envelope to the RIT Housing office in Grace Watson Hall.
  • After hours, place the envelope in the key return box outside the RIT Housing office in Grace Watson Hall.
  • RIT will charge a $100 lock change fee to students who fail to return their keys when vacating housing. Keys that are mailed back after the move-out date will not be accepted.
  • In the event that a housing key is lost or stolen, it must be reported to RIT Housing. A lock change will be completed. The charge for a lock change is $100. 

Maintenance and Damages

  • RIT will charge a student responsible for the damage a fee equal to the cost to repair or rectify any damage to RIT housing. If the responsible student cannot be determined, all co-residents will be jointly and individually liable.
  • RIT will charge a student the cost of removing their abandoned property. If the responsible student cannot be determined, all co-residents on contract during the academic year will be charged for the removal of abandoned items.
  • Charges assessed and totaled after the expiration of a student’s housing contract constitute a debt payable by the student immediately.