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RIT InMoov: 3D Printed Humanoid Robot

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Design, Engineering, Science, Technology, Multidisciplinary, STEM

RIT InMoov: 3D Printed Humanoid Robot

Exhibit Code: GLE-2410B
Zone: Engineering Park
Location: James E. Gleason Hall (GLE/009) - Brinkman
Time: All Day
Appropriate for all ages? Yes

We will exhibit an Inmoov robot, an open-sourced life-sized humanoid 3D-printed robot, which we used as a base model for our future goal of making a 3D-printed life-sized hand able to do American Sign Language.

Esther Septimo, Kristin Angel, sudmun habib, Joshua Hilton, Antoun Obied, George Matta, Tajbid Rahman, Jonathan Dickinson


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