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Interactive Thermal Management

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Energy, Engineering, Sustainability, Technology

Interactive Thermal Management

Exhibit Code: GLE-2280
Zone: Engineering Park
Location: James E. Gleason Hall (GLE/009) - 2280
Time: All Day
Appropriate for all ages? Yes

: Fundamental research of boiling heat transfer will be the focus of the exhibit. Visitors will be able to understand the different ways we use liquids to cool electronics. Visitors will also discover how research in TAMFL is being conducted to overcome many different thermal management issues. Specifically, visitors will be able to see live demonstrations of the in-house developed experimental setups and understand how boiling liquid is used for cooling applications.

Alyssa Recinella, Aranya Chauhan, Arvind Jaikumar, Austin Hayes, Indranil Joshi, Isaac Perez Raya, Jose Luis Gonzalez Hernandez, Pruthvik Raghupathi, Travis Emery, Satish Kandlikar


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