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Carol Marchetti


School of Mathematics and Statistics
College of Science
Associate Head, Statistics
Director, Applied Statistics Graduate Programs

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STAT-631 Office Hours: Mon 2 - 3 pm, Zoom; Open Office Hours: Thurs 11 am - noon, HLC(14-2221) OR Zoom
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85 Lomb Memorial Dr Rochester, NY 14623

Carol Marchetti


School of Mathematics and Statistics
College of Science
Associate Head, Statistics
Director, Applied Statistics Graduate Programs


BS, Case Institute of Technology; MS, Weatherhead School of Management; MA, Ph.D., University of Rochester


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Recent Publications

  1. Schley, S. & Marchetti, C. (2022). Moving From Access to Inclusion by Making Communication a Priority: An Inclusion Mindset.  The Journal of Educational Innovation, Partnership and Change, 8(2).  
  2. Marchetti, C. & Bailey, M. (2022). The Importance of HOW in Faculty Salary Equity Studies: Development and Impact of an ADVANCE Salary Equity Study and Workshop Series to Promote an Inclusive Academic Environment. The Advance Journal 
  3. Bailey, M., Mason, S., Marchetti, C. Dell, E. & Litzler, E. (2022). Reimagining Seed Grants for the 21st Century: Individual and Institutional Impacts of a Mini-Grants Program. The Advance Journal. 
  4. Atkins, W. S., Schley, S., Cawthon, S. W., Schmitz, K., Marchetti, C. E. (2021). Centering the Deaf Experience: Student/Faculty Partnerships in Inclusive Pedagogy Development. Learning Communities Journal 13(1), 9-32. 
  5. Schley, S., Cawthon, S. W., Marchetti, C. E., Atkins, W. S. (2021). From Access to Inclusion: A Faculty Learning Community Curriculum. Journal of Faculty Development,35(3), 44-50. Recognized by the editors as the journal’s first “Featured Article”.
  6. Scott, S., & Marchetti, C. (2021). A Review of the Biennial AHEAD Surveys: Trends and Changes in the Demographics and Work of Disability Resource Professionals. Journal of Postsecondary Education and Disability, 34(2), 107-126.
  7. Schley, S. & Marchetti, C. (2021). Pandemic Transformation of Teaching and Learning: Designing Pedagogy Using the Contents of Instructors’ Pedagogical Pantry, Rather than Established Recipes. Journal of Transformative Learning, 8(1), 29-35. 
  8. Stinson, M., Elliot, L, Marchetti, C., and Rentsch, J. (2021). Effects of Schema-Enriched Communication in Teams with Diverse Hearing Status. Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education, 6(4), 522-534. 
  9. Stinson, M., Elliot, L, Marchetti, C., Devor, D., and Rentsch, J. (2021). Sharing of Knowledge and Problem Solving When Teammates Have Diverse Hearing Status. Small Group Research 52(6), 738-772. 

Currently Teaching

0 Credits
This course is a cooperative education experience for undergraduate students majoring in Applied Mathematics, Computational Mathematics or Statistics.
3 Credits
This course introduces principles of probability and statistics with a strong emphasis on conceptual aspects of statistical inference. Topics include fundamentals of probability, probability distribution functions, expectation and variance, discrete and continuous distributions, sampling distributions, confidence intervals and hypothesis tests.
1 - 6 Credits
This course is a graduate course for students enrolled in the Thesis/Project track of the MS Applied Statistics Program. (Enrollment in this course requires permission from the Director of Graduate Programs for Applied Statistics.)
1 - 3 Credits
Credit will be assigned at the discretion of the department. A written proposal of the work involved will be required of the candidate, and may be modified at the discretion of the faculty involved before approval is given to proceed.

In the News

  • January 9, 2023

    five women posing for a photo against a white backdrop.

    Pursuing the promise of Title IX

    Fifty years ago, Title IX set the stage for change. But the reason why RIT now has more women faculty, administrators, coaches, and exemplary students is that women acted. Prior generations of women invested their careers to make RIT a better version of itself, including winning two transformative grants from the National Science Foundation focused on gender equity.

  • October 8, 2021

    researcher looks into microscope while professor adjusts display on laptop.

    Faculty compensation is focus of NSF-sponsored research

    To build understanding of faculty compensation systems and improve conversations around salary, several RIT faculty members are sharing their experiences with a National Science Foundation-funded multidisciplinary research team. The team’s goal is to significantly expand knowledge of best practices for faculty compensation to a broader community in higher education and provide insights to guide compensation practices.