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The SHC does not have a full service pharmacy and cannot fill prescriptions written by clinicians outside the Center. The SHC does stock a limited selection of commonly prescribed medications, including some antibiotics, some birth control pills, and some prescription skin creams.

 If a prescription medicine is recommended by a SHC clinician students have the option to: 

  • Purchase the medication in the SHC (if available)
  • Take the prescription to a local pharmacy of choice
  • Order the medication from Wegmans for free delivery to the SHC  

If medication is purchased in the SHC, the student will be given a receipt which may be submitted to his/her insurance company for reimbursement (if the policy allows for this). Medication prices are subject to change based on manufacturer's pricing and availability.

Students are encouraged to sign up for Wegmans delivery, just in case.

Pharmacies near RIT include:

Wegmans Food Market (across from Marketplace Mall)
650 Hylan Drive
(585) 424-7350

Wegmans Pharmacy Information
Wegmans New Student Registration Form
Wegmans Delivery Authorization Form
Wegmans Credit Card Authorization

1200 Marketplace Dr.
(585) 292-0990

2325 Marketplace Dr. (adjacent to Marketplace Mall)
(585) 424-2820

RIT has many transportation options available for students.

Note: Students who take prescribed medication regularly should discuss with the prescriber and parents how to obtain refills while at RIT. Some students obtain refills while home on breaks, some arrange to have them mailed to school. It is best to arrange this ahead of time before the medication runs out.