Student medical and mental health care information is strictly confidential and is maintained separately from academic records.

The Student Health Center does not routinely notify parents, university administration, faculty, or others regarding your care. Health care matters will be discussed with parents and others only at the student’s request and with his or her written permission, except as required by the Public Health Laws of New York State or in the case of a serious emergency.

The Student Health Center interpreter, like all employees of the Student Health Center, is bound by a code of confidentiality. The Student Health Center will not share any information without the student’s written permission.

It is assumed upon university enrollment that parents and students agree that students are able to give their own consent for most medical treatment, including minor surgical procedures.

Medical Records

The medical record is confidential. This record includes: electronic health forms submitted by students, clinician notes (primary medical care and mental health), laboratory test results, and communications from other clinicians sent to or requested by the Student Health Center. Records are kept for 10 years after graduation and are then destroyed.

Release of Information

To share information from your Student Health Center medical record with others, you must:

  1. Complete and sign a Release of Information Form
  2. Specify the information to be released
  3. Identify the recipient’s name, address, phone and fax numbers
  4. Pay any applicable fees (there is a per-page fee for sending the entire record)

Patient Rights and Responsibilities