Health Insurance

All students are expected to have health insurance coverage for services provided outside of the Student Health Center at RIT. Health insurance coverage ensures that students receive the appropriate medical care in the event of an injury or illness that requires prescription medication, a referral to a specialist, or even hospitalization.

Health insurance may be obtained through a plan sponsored by the university, or through family or individual policies. The Case Management team at RIT is available to help students navigate general insurance questions and issues.

RIT Student Health Insurance Plan Coverage

RIT offers a comprehensive, global health insurance policy through Aetna Student Health, which is administered by Gallagher Student Health. The RIT plan provides year-round coverage and is not limited to services in the Rochester area.

If you have questions regarding the RIT Student Health Insurance policy, coverage, or claims, contact the Claims Administrator directly:

Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk
500 Victory Road
Quincy, MA 02171
Phone: 844-333-1464
Fax: 617-479-0860

Family or Individual Policy Coverage

Not all insurance policies cover students outside of their home network, and some only provide very limited coverage. For example, state-based insurance plans, such as Medicaid, do not provide coverage outside of the home state. If your policy does not cover services provided in the Rochester area, we strongly encourage you to consider purchasing the RIT Student Health Insurance Plan, a Student Accident and Sickness Insurance program.

RIT Student Dental Insurance Plan

The RIT Student Dental Plan offers convenient dental care for busy undergraduate and graduate students and is administered through Excellus BlueCross BlueShield. The plan offers two options depending on your desired level of coverage. With access to our full network of dental providers, you can get the most convenient care – whether you’re living on or off campus, have a co-op in another town or part-time job.

Click here for more information on the different plans, how to enroll, and the forms to complete


Medical clinicians at the Student Health Center may refer students to health care professionals in the community as needed for specialty care. Our office maintains a list of frequently used specialty providers in the area and can assist students with the appointment process.

Students with insurance through the RIT Plan should:

  • Review the specifics of your coverage
  • Contact the insurance company if you have any questions about your insurance coverage
  • Be aware that RIT insurance may not cover 100% of the cost of the visit and you would be responsible for paying the difference

Students with non-RIT Insurance should:

  • Check your insurance policy to confirm that there is coverage for the Rochester area (this may be considered “out of network” if your home area is outside of Rochester)
  • Check to see if you may be referred by a Student Health Center clinician or if you must be referred by your primary medical provider at home
  • Review your insurance plan website to identify specialist providers in the Rochester area who are covered by their plan

Third Party Insurance Coverage

Illness and injury are not expected, but can occur. It is important to know what your insurance will cover and where prior to your arrival on campus. Should you require certain services while you are attending school in Rochester, there could be unexpected costs if not covered by your insurance. Additionally, if you do not have insurance, or your insurance does not work in Rochester, NY, there may be services you will need to return home to receive care for.

If you do not have the Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan, we strongly encourage you to review the following information with your insurance company to ensure you have the coverage you need during your time at RIT.

  • Radiology Services
    For radiology services (x-rays, ultrasound, etc.), the Student Health Center typically refers students to
    Borg and Ide, Rochester Regional Radiology, and the University of Rochester Medical Center. Check with your insurance to ensure radiology services are covered with your insurance.

The Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) is accepted by all of the resources listed above. Open enrollment ends one month into the fall semester, unless there is a qualifying event.

Fees and Payment

The Student Health Services Fee and health insurance cover different aspects of the student’s health care while at RIT. Health insurance is necessary to cover services outside of the Integrated Health Services consisting of Student Health Center, Counseling and Psychological Services and Case Management.

The Student Health Fee covers services provided at RIT. We do not accept insurance as direct payment.

Learn more about the Student Health Services Fee