Overview of all Health Services

At the Student Health Center, we care about your well-being. Our staff are here to help you learn how to make healthy choices, how to care for yourself, and how to utilize the health care system effectively.

The Student Health Center offers a full range of medical services to RIT students, including:

General Medical Care Services

We provide basic primary care to students for health counseling, evaluation, and treatment of common medical concerns.

Laboratory Services

We provide some on-site lab tests and will work with you to arrange any off-campus laboratory services that may be needed.

Medication Services and Prescriptions

Although we do not have a full-service pharmacy, we are able to provide a limited selection of commonly prescribed medications for acute medical needs. For any additional medications, we recommend registering for the Wegmans Pharmacy prescription delivery service.

Nutrition Services

We have a Registered Dietitian on-staff that is available to provide confidential nutrition consultations.

Mental Health Services

We offer psychiatric services in collaboration with Counseling and Psychological Services. Our psychiatrist is only able to see students referred from an RIT clinician.

Sexual and Gender Health Services

We provide sexual health services including referrals as needed for people of all genders.


Student medical and mental health care information is strictly confidential and is maintained separately from academic records.

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ACHA Position Statements

We, as a member institution, support the American College Health Association’s (ACHA) organizational positions with regard to matters of equality and human rights. This means support of all RIT students individuals regardless of race, color, age, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, veteran status, disability, or genetic information.

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If there is a medical emergency, call Public Safety 585-475-3333 or text 585-205-8333.