Nutrition Services

The Student Health Center offers confidential nutrition counseling to help you work on nutrition-related concerns and goals.

Meet with our Registered Dietitian (RD) to assess your diet and lifestyle habits and get personalized nutrition counseling. Our Registered Dietitian specializes in the prevention and management of nutrition-related diseases and disordered eating. During nutrition sessions, the RD offers a non-judgmental space to promote healthy eating habits and encourage a good relationship with food and your body.

Common nutrition consultation topics include, but are not limited to:

Diabetes prevention

Digestive issues

Nutrition-related medical concerns*

Disordered eating

Recent appetite changes

Assessment of eating patterns

Navigating healthy food options on campus**

Nutrition-related Wellness Education courses

*If you have medical concerns, please see your medical provider prior to seeing the dietitian. A medical provider at the Student Health Center may refer you to our dietitian as well.

**If you have concerns about eating on campus with a food allergy or dietary concern, please refer to our Dining Services dietitian.



If there is a medical emergency, call Public Safety 585-475-3333 or text 585-205-8333.