Degree Programs

The Golisano Institute for Sustainability is a leader in groundbreaking sustainability research, teaching, and engagement. Obtain the foundational knowledge and the hands-on, problem-solving experience needed to make a difference in any career.

Architecture (M.Arch.)

At a time of significant transition in the profession, the architecture program allows for full incorporation of the skills and knowledge critical to the 21st century architect. The program produces broad-thinking architects well grounded in the principles and practices of sustainability who can apply their knowledge and talents to the architectural problems posed by the modern city.

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Sustainable Systems (MS)

Designed to help students from any academic background gain a comprehensive understanding of the many facets of sustainability. In as little as one year, you’ll learn to apply sustainability science principles to any field to help solve the world’s grand challenges—including pollution, food scarcity, public health crises, and more.

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Sustainability (Ph.D.)

A practically based program that fosters innovation and creativity in solving real-world challenges within social, economic, technological, and business realms. In this inherently interdisciplinary program, you’ll become part of a network of academics from across RIT who are working to optimize sustainable systems and practices in engineering, manufacturing, energy, education, and more.

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