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Eric Hittinger

Interim Department Chair

Department of Public Policy
College of Liberal Arts

Eric Hittinger

Interim Department Chair

Department of Public Policy
College of Liberal Arts


BS, MS, Case Western Reserve University; Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon University


Eric Hittinger holds a Ph.D. is in Engineering and Public Policy from Carnegie Mellon University, and a MS in Macromolecular Science and BS in Polymer Science and Engineering from Case Western Reserve University.

Professor Hittinger has a background in electricity system policy, operation, and economics, with a focus on understanding the benefits and limitations of energy storage and renewable electricity sources. His research often uses techno-economic modeling of electricity systems to understand the effects of system policies and interactions.

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Current Research:

Dr. Hittinger is addressing longstanding challenges in both the economic and environmental feasibility of electricity production in the United States. With funding from the National Science Foundation, he and other RIT researchers are providing new avenues for policymakers to develop policies to promote the advancement of low-carbon energy technologies.

Dr. Hittinger is working to help policymakers deal with the uncertainty of political and economic change by altering the models currently used to understand the evolution of the electricity system. While most extant models employ fixed inputs to account for variables, such as the price of natural gas, Dr. Hittinger’s model utilizes a range possible inputs. By accounting for economic, political, and technological changes, Dr. Hittinger is creating a better approach for making decisions about how to support renewable energy development.


Energy Policy, Policy Analysis, Decision Analysis, Climate Change

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Journal Paper
Hittinger, Eric and Roger Lueken. "Is Inexpensive Natural Gas Hindering the Grid Energy Storage Industry?" Energy Policy. 87 (2015): 140-152. Print.
Hittinger, Eric S. and Iníªs M. L. Azevedo. "Bulk Energy Storage Increases US Electricity System Emissions." Environmental Science and Technology 49. 5 (2015): 3203-3210. Print.
Hittinger, Eric, et al. "Evaluating the Value of Batteries in Microgrid Electricity Systems Using an Improved Energy Systems Model." Energy Conversion and Management. 89 (2015): 458-472. Print.
Hittinger, E., et al. "Profitability of CCS with Flue Gas Bypass and Solvent Storage." International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 27. (2014): 279-288. Print.

Currently Teaching

0 Credits
Co-op in a field related to Liberal Arts (at least 80 hours). Students will apply the accumulated knowledge, theory, and methods of the discipline to problem solving outside of the classroom.
3 Credits
This course provides students with an introduction to decision science and analysis. The course focuses on several important tools for making good decisions, including decision trees, including forecasting, risk analysis, and multi-attribute decision making. Students will apply these tools to contemporary public policy decision making at the local, state, federal, and international levels.
3 Credits
This course introduces students to public policy and its role in building a sustainable society. The course places particular emphasis on the policy process; the relationship among technology, policy, and the environment; and policy mechanisms for addressing market and government failures that threaten sustainability.
1 - 9 Credits
Research fulfillment of Sustainability Ph.D. dissertation requirements.
1 - 6 Credits
Independent research in sustainability leading to the completion of the MS thesis. This course requires a formal proposal and a faculty sponsor.