Carbon Nanomaterials Synthesis and Purification Lab

This labs primary purpose is the research, fabrication and purification of carbon based nanomaterials used within the Nanopower Research Laboratories. It houses multiple laser reactors capable of synthesizing carbon nanomaterials including single and multiwall carbon nanotubes and fullerenes as well as the wet chemistry hoods and furnaces needed for material preparation and purification.

This Labs instrumentation and capabilities include:

  • laser systems used for material synthesis
  • Lindberg one and three zone 24" high temperature (1200°C) tube furnaces
  • A Sentrotech Three zone 36" high temperature (1500°C) tube furnace
  • lindberg one zone 12" high temperature (1200°C) tube furnaces
  • Chemical Fume hood


Louis Slaughter Hall (SLA/building 78)
Room 1542


Swipe Access Required