Optoelectronics Characterization Lab

This lab is primarily used in the characterization of optoelectronic device and nanomaterial properties. It houses a suite of instrumentation and equipment for the testing of devices fabricated within the Nanopower Research Labs and beyond including photovoltaics of varying compositions, LEDs, and thin film or nanomaterial devices.

This Lab offers:

  • TS space systems two-zone close match solar simulation for AM0 and AM1.5
  • Agilent B1500 Semiconductor Parametric Analyzer
  • Optronics Labs OL-750S spectroradiometer
  • Cascade Microtech manual probing station
  • Horiba iHR320 Photoluminescent mapping
  • Princeton Analytics Single Point Photoluminescene
  • Newport IQE-200 Automated EQE/IQE measurement system
  • Sula Technologies Deep Level Transient Spectroscopy
  • Accent HL5550 Hall System with Cryogenic Stage
  • Ocean optics HR4000 (vis-NIR) and NIR512 (NIR) Spectometers


Louis Slaughter Hall (SLA/building 78)
Rooms 1470 and 1480