Printing Applications Laboratory

The Printing Applications Laboratory (PAL) is a dedicated laboratory that provides empirical approaches to control and improve the quality of their products and expanding the knowledge of printing professionals. PAL has a comprehensive collection of print/imaging equipment, laboratory instrumentation, and draws from the expertise of RIT’s world-renowned imaging and printing faculty and technical staff.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Digital Printing
  • Digital Print Production Workflow
  • Digital Media Evaluation
  • Color Measurement & Control
  • Certification Services for Printers
  • Print/Paper Qualification
  • Digital Printing Press Benchmarking & System Testing
  • Print Trials
  • Media Certification and Qualification Programs
  • Quality Control Tools
  • Coating  Performance Programs
  • Media and Image Quality Troubleshooting



SLA, Room 1390


8 am - 5 pm