Work With A Student

GIS graduate students are great way to complement your sustainability initiatives. Internships and research projects can be developed based on your organization's need and can be in the broader context of technology development and evaluation, architecture/design, environmental and economic assessment, and policy through the following methods.

Co-ops and Internships

Cooperative education (co-op) at RIT is a full-time, paid work experience directly related to the student’s field of study and career interests. A co-op is simultaneously a learning experience for the student as well as a productive work assignment opportunity for the employer. Our students in sustainability and architecture are typically most available for co-op work over the summer session. Part-time internships during the Fall and Spring semesters may also be an option, with a maximum student work time of 20 hours per week.

Capstone Projects

Unpaid summer capstone projects (12 weeks) are an alternative option to co-ops in which a company agrees to supply data and/or access to a facility to a student to complete a project that is required for their degree completion. Companies can define the topic and work with the student to ensure the experience fits the program requirements.

Research Sponsorships

Our students in sustainability (especially our Ph.D. students) are also available to work on complex research sponsored by a company or government organization. These projects are funded by the corporate sponsor, and work is led and supervised by the Sustainability Department Head or core academic faculty to maintain student work quality. These projects must fall within the academic calendar, and are often secured six months to a year in advance.

Hire a Graduate

If you're looking for a great employee to join your sustainability or architecture organization, consider hiring one of our graduates. Jobs can be posted on RIT's job board through Clear Connect and shared with alumni who fit your needs.


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