University Exploration

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If your interests can’t be confined by a single academic program, or you need more time to explore all that RIT has to offer, University Exploration can help you delve into more than 90 bachelor’s degree programs to find your best fit.


If you have interests that span two or more colleges, RIT’s University Exploration program help students choose the academic program that best meets their career interests and goals. University Exploration, RIT's broadest and most flexible undeclared option, allows students up to a year to explore more than 90 bachelor’s degree programs while completing courses in general education, math, and science. Students work individually with experienced advisors who make suggestions on course work and programs of study. Through advising and individual interaction with faculty and department chairs, students narrow their focus on a major that matches their career interests and goals.

Curriculum for University Exploration

University Exploration, typical course sequence

Course Sem. Cr. Hrs.
First Year
Career Exploration Seminar
This seminar is designed to introduce students to the process by which they can make an informed decision in selecting career options and identifying an educational program which will lead to their career goals. With the assistance of facilitators familiar with assessment instruments, careers and the RIT programs, students begin by assessing their interests, values, skills and personal traits. Students will be introduced to online and print resources used for researching occupational information and may be asked to interview faculty and administrators as well as professionals working in fields in which they are interested. Students will complete a variety of activities including class discussions, journal entries, papers and presentations, allowing them the opportunity to reflect on information gathered throughout the course. Students in the university studies and liberal arts exploration programs are required to complete this course successfully in the first term of their program. (This course is restricted to LAU-UND and UNIVST-UND Major students.) Seminar (Fall, Spring).
Year One
The Year One class serves as an interdisciplinary catalyst for first-year students to access campus resources, services and opportunities that promote self-knowledge, personal success, leadership development, social responsibility and life academic skills awareness and application. Year One is also designed to challenge and encourage first-year students to get to know one another, build relationships and help them become an integral part of the campus community. Lecture 1 (Fall, Spring).
First Year Writing 
LAS Perspectives 1 (ethical)
LAS Perspectives 2 (artistic)
LAS Perspectives 3 (global)
LAS Perspectives 4 (social)
LAS Perspectives 5 (natural science inquiry)
LAS Perspectives 6 (scientific principles)
LAS Perspectives 7A (mathematical)
LAS Perspectives 7B (mathematical)
Major Exploration Courses†
Wellness Education*
Total Semester Credit Hours

Please see General Education Curriculum-Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) in the Graduation Requirements section of this bulletin for more information.

(WI) Refers to a writing intensive course within the major.

* Please see Wellness Education Requirement for more information. Students completing bachelor's degrees are required to complete two different Wellness courses.

† Please see an academic adviser to select sample courses in your majors of interest.