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Where Can I Find A Tutor?

Free Tutoring Centers

RIT offers a number of excellent free tutoring centers where students can drop in for help. Many students get into a practice of studying or doing their homework in the centers to take advantage of the services if needed.

Math and Physics Tutoring
Bates Study Center
Gosnell 08-1200
9am – 6pm
Sol Study Center
Sol Heumann Residence Hall 47-1016
7pm – 10pm
Accounting & Finance Lowenthal Hall
third floor study lounge
9am - 4pm
The Engineering Learning Center James E. Gleason Building

10am - 7pm

10am - 4pm

Computer Science Tutoring Center Golisano 3670 & 3660 8am - Varies by day
schedule posted on CS Website
Chemistry Tutoring Gosnell College of Science Varied - Fliers are posted throughout Gosnell.


Academic Departments

Each college of RIT has its own process for providing tutoring for students enrolled in its classes. Students should first check with their academic department to determine what tutor services are available. Students should contact the course professor or the program staff member listed on the college's website. If you’re not sure whom to contact you can email for assistance.


Tutor for Hire

RIT provides a Craigslist-like resource called Tutor for Hire. Students can post free ads offering tutor help or requesting a tutor. Prices and logistics are negotiated by the students themselves.


Study Strategies Resources

It’s not uncommon for students to come to college without study strategies. Building solid studying and organizational skills can be an effective way to tackle a rigorous course load. RIT offers a variety of study skills resources, many of which are free, through the Academic Support Center. We recommend starting with:

  • An appointment with an ASC academic coach.
  • Using resources from the DIY Academic Tool Kit