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Robin Cass


School of Art
College of Art and Design
Director of Creative Engagement Programs
Graduate Program Director, Fine Arts Studio

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Robin Cass


School of Art
College of Art and Design
Director of Creative Engagement Programs
Graduate Program Director, Fine Arts Studio


BFA, Rhode Island School of Design; MFA, New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University


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Select Scholarship

Cass, Robin. MENAGERIE portals: Ocular bulbulpods/Clavate anthus (juvenile)/Ocular bulbulpods with stigmata effuses (mature)/Globose bachatus. Sep. 2016. Tianyuan Glass Art Festival 2016, Tianyuan, China. Exhibit.
Cass, Robin. Traveling Menagerie. May 2016. Exhibit A Gallery, Corning. Exhibit.
Cass, Robin. Flow/Gro: Quingdao Contemporary Glass Art Exhibition. 2015. Quingdao Archives & Research Center for Contemporary Art, Quingdao, Shandong Provice, CHINA. Exhibit.
Cass, Robin. Menagerie. 2015. AXOM Gallery and Exhibition Space, Rochester, NY. Exhibit.
Cass, Robin. FOUNDLINGS. By Bill Klingensmith. Jan. 2015. Rochester Contemporary Art Center - Labspace, Rochester, NY. Installation.
Cass, Robin. Parallel Frequencies: Alfred. By Robin Cass, et al. Feb. 2015. Cohen Gallery, Alfred University, Alfred, NY. Exhibit.
Cass, Robin. Art of the Fellowship. 2013. Museum of American Glass, Millville, NJ. Exhibit.
Invited Keynote/Presentation
Cass, Robin, et al. "Creating Context: All Together Now." Glass Art Society Conference. Corning Museum of Glass. Corning, NY. 11 Jun. 2016. Conference Presentation.
Cass, Robin. "Collaborative Hot Glass Assemblage Presentation." 2300 Degrees. Corning Museum of Glass. Corning, NY. 21 Mar. 2013. Guest Lecture.
External Scholarly Fellowships/National Review Committee
4/24/2015 - 4/29/2015
     Central Academy of Fine Arts, IFC
     Amount: 0
Published Article
Cass, Robin. “Fruition, 2006, and Minor Utopia, 2009.” Breaking Ground: A Century of Craft Art in Western New York, 2010. 130-131. Print. É 
Cass, Robin. "12 pieces dating from 2001-2009." Masters of Blown Glass: Major Works by Leading Artists. Eds. Susan Rossi-Wilcox and Ray Hemachandra. New York: Lark Crafts, 2010. 304-311. Print.
Formal Presentation
Cass, Robin. “Craft Art: Looking Back, Looking Forward.”Breaking Ground A Century of Craft Art in Western. New York. Rochester, NY. 21 Mar. 2010. Presentation.
Cass, Robin.“Artwork, Inspirations, and Teaching.” Tama Art University. Tokyo, Japan. 13 Nov. 2010. Invited Lecture and Workshop.
Cass, Robin. “Artwork & Inspirations.” Nagoya Universityof Art. Nagoya, Japan. 4 December 2010.Invited Lecture and Workshop.
Cass, Robin. “New Work, Inspirations, and Teaching.” Kent State University. Kent, OH. 25 May 2010. Invited Lecture. " 
Cass, Robin.Collaborative Creation of New Work. Fete deVere VIP reception. UrbanGlass. Brooklyn, NY. 17 April 2010. Collaborative Work. " 
External Scholarly Fellowship
Cass, Robin. Visiting Artist in Residence. Glass Program. Osaka University of Art. Osaka, Japan. Sept. 2010 - Jan. 2011. Fellowship.
Cass, Robin. Special Programs: Glass. Kent Blossom Art, Kent State University. 24 May - 5 June 2010. Invited Artist in Residence/Workshop Leader.

Currently Teaching

3 Credits
This class is devoted to developing basic skills in drawing. Formal art elements, mark making, observational skills, and personal expression will be stressed. Students will engage in issues of representation and abstraction through relationships of marks, lines and other graphic notations. **Fee: A materials fee is required for this course, and an additional course fee applied via student account**
1 - 6 Credits
Studio Arts Independent Study will provide STAR students the opportunity to develop a specialized study course with an individual faculty member. Students, with the assistance of a faculty adviser, will propose a course of study, timeline and outcome for this course. Students must obtain permission of an instructor, be holding a 3.0 gpa and complete the Independent Study Permission Form to enroll.
1 - 6 Credits
Studio Arts Internship will provide students with the option to work with established artists or in fine art related businesses. Students may apply for internships to businesses based on the availability of positions and business job needs. Students must obtain permission of an instructor and complete the Internship Permission Form to enroll.
3 Credits
This is the first of two courses designed to advance a student towards completion of their thesis. Students will work independently on their approved proposal while meeting on a regular basis with their committee chair. Students are required to meet at least twice with their full committee during the semester.
1 - 6 Credits
Studio Arts Independent Study will provide students with the ability to study in a specialized area with an individual faculty member. Students, with the assistance of a faculty advisor, will propose and conduct a course of study. An approved Independent Study Permission Form must be submitted to Student Services to enroll.
0 Credits
Cooperative Education will provide Studio Arts students with hands-on experience in their field, directly related to a student’s major with an established studio or related business. Students will need to apply for co-ops, and interview as part of the selection process, based on available positions posted by the Co-op and Career Services Office, or found through the students’ own research. In programs where co-op is a degree requirement, students must obtain permission of their program or graduate director prior to enrollment. Co-ops are typically paid work experience, and can be part-time (150-479 total hours within the term), or full-time (480+ hours within the term). Co-ops may be one or two consecutive terms - fall, spring, or summer – with department permission.
6 Credits
For this final thesis course students continue working with their committee to evaluate work produced, and select the work to be exhibited. In addition, students will work with gallery coordinators and curators to install and exhibit their final body of work. Students are expected to defend their work to the committee through an oral defense and a written document.
0 Credits
The Studio Arts Continuation of Thesis course provides student additional semester(s) to complete their thesis research, project, and thesis document.

In the News

  • February 2, 2024

    artist guiding a college student using a pole to rotate molten glass in a hot shop.

    Students embark on ‘bite-sized creative adventures’

    The trial-and-error process of artisan crafts like throwing clay on a pottery wheel or carving a wood sculpture is something that students outside of RIT’s art and design programs may not be familiar with. Through a new program called RIT Art Experience (ArtEx), students from across the university can enjoy hands-on creative exploration with a variety of artistic media ranging from ceramics and wood to molten metal and glass.

  • February 8, 2023

    Students gather around table watching welding in blue safety suits.

    College of Art and Design’s new ArtEx program opens doors for creative exploration

    RIT students will have more opportunities to flex their creative muscles outside of the classroom through a new program called ArtEx, housed within RIT’s College of Art and Design. The new program creates opportunities for students outside of the college to engage with the resources and expertise available within the School for American Crafts and School of Art.

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