School of Design Professor Marla Schweppe Presents at Autodesk University 2012

The Collective Wisdom of Design Across Boundaries

This forum explored the blurring boundaries of design methodologies and examined how adjacent disciplines look at similar problems in different ways. Faced with tremendous challenges, we must look beyond single, heroic design solutions to solve global issues. Four leaders from disparate industries focused their talents and technologies and solicited crowd sourcing to consider and propose solutions for the pressing concern of delivering healthcare in underserved locations. The session was led by Autodesk’s Phil Berstein, VP of Strategic Industry Relations.

The panelists included:

  • Dr. Alasdair MacDonald, Director of Strategic Innovation, Balfour Beatty 
  • Myshkin Ingawale, TED Fellow, co-founder Biosense Technologies 
  • Liz Ogbu, Environments Designer 
  • Marla K Schweppe, Rochester Institute of Technology

They each presented their interpretation of the problem along with the most viable solution, discussing the commonalities and differences in approach, process, and technology. The result was a proposed answer to the problem, based on collective input, ideas, and innovation.

Autodesk University 2012

The panelists on stage