Capsim Capstone Business Simulation 2022 Winners

The Capsim Capstone Business Simulation is a triannual global tournament that crowns the best student teams to “run” a multimillion-dollar corporation. A team from Saunders College ranked in the 98th percentile of all participants. Around 2,000 student teams from international colleges and universities participate in the tournament and assemble to "manage" a company. Judges look at teams with a balanced scoreboard, taking into account management decisions impacting the company's finances, customers, internal processes, learning, and growth.

Professor Clyde Hull, Ph.D., runs this simulation, and Saunders is annually recognized based on global rankings. Professor Hull put together two teams for the 2021-2022 simulation Team Baldwin and Team Chester. Team Baldwin consisted of Karl English '21 (management information systems and marketing), James Kayhan '21 (management information systems), Yimin Wu '21 (finance), and Charlie Zong. Team Chester consisted of Benjamin Hare '22 (management information systems and management), Caleb Henlon, Ansel Noe '22 (finance), and Frank Pastore '21 (management information systems).

Senior Experience: Strategy Capstone Simulation List of Winners