You are the reason we are here. Your success is what we are most interested in. This focus has been a rewarding part of our mission; spanning 4 global campuses, over 2,000 students, and 25,000 successful alumni.

Our dedicated faculty, staff, corporate partners, and a wealth of human connections make up the expansive network students inherit when joining Saunders College of Business. We are committed to our Mission, Vision, and Core Values — as we know, this is what drives your success.

Saunders Mission

We prepare students to excel in organizations through experiential learning, teaching excellence, impactful research, and innovative partnerships at the intersection of business and technology.

Saunders Vision

To empower business leaders to make meaningful contributions in a dynamic global environment.

Saunders Core Values

Saunders core values are complementary to the Rochester Institute of Technology's core values.

Enterprising Spirit

Saunders College of Business seeks out students, faculty, and staff marked by an energetic outlook, intrinsic motivation, and boldness. This enterprising spirit includes an entrepreneurial/intrapreneurial sensibility as well as the agility and willingness to embrace changing marketplaces and social conditions.

Supportive Environment

The close and supportive relationships among students, faculty, staff, and other stakeholders is one of the defining characteristics of Saunders College of Business. We combine the interpersonal interaction and intimacy of a small-college setting with the resources and opportunities of a large university environment. In addition, Saunders College is a place of mutual respect, where co-workers appreciate one another and enjoy their time together.


Saunders College of Business attracts creative people and engenders creative processes. We believe in open-mindedness, imagination, and an appreciation for diverse thoughts, ideas, and experiences.

Global Mindset

Saunders College of Business emphasizes the global scale of contemporary markets. We prepare our students to be globally-mature professionals with a strong understanding of the opportunities and challenges inherent in transnational business operations.

Integration of Theory and Practice

Saunders College of Business is dedicated to the production of knowledge through high-quality research and the integration of insights from these activities into teaching and practice. The high-quality research and teaching of our faculty reflect a core emphasis on the practical implications of scientific theory and research output. In addition, we consistently highlight the practical relevance of theoretical principles for the career success of our students.