Corporate Partnerships

Saunders College values its corporate partnerships. 

Our corporate partnerships help to create strong employment relationships between employers, students and alumni. Partnerships go much deeper providing real-world experiences for students through Saunders Industry Advisory Boards, Saunders Consulting Group projects, mentorships, capstone projects, judging student competitions and speaking engagements throughout our events calendar. Corporate partners benefit from these activities by accessing the latest skills and resources that help address their business requirements.

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Career Services and Cooperative Education Office

The RIT Office of Cooperative Education and Career Services represents one of the world’s largest and oldest co-op programs, placing more than 4,400 students with over 2,200 employer partners annually. This allows students and employers to work with each other before graduation to ensure that students find a role that suits their talents.

Offering paid cooperative education placement opportunities for Saunders students, represents a long-standing RIT tradition where students gain valuable work experience. In hiring Saunders co-op students, partners benefit by accessing student talent before graduation to tap a high ROI workforce while helping build a pipeline of new talent to meet their workforce demands.

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Access top talent and research

Corporate partnerships at Saunders allow inputs from industry experts to help guide and direct curriculum development. This helps business programs stay in-tune to the latest industry trends and employer demands for talent. Often partnerships involve participation on industry advisory boards, research projects with faculty, or with one of our research centers. Participation allows them to tap into the Saunders community, ensure they find the skills and experience they seek in college graduates and provides access to faculty who drive thought leadership on an international scale.

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Industry Advisory Boards

Industry experts from many of Saunders’ corporate partners serve on industry advisory boards. They help ensure graduate degree programs are up to date in addressing their needs in a competitive business world. Their expertise often extends to support classroom initiatives and activities such as speaking engagements, student networking events, mentoring, and other opportunities that put them in direct contact with students and faculty experts. Visit our industry advisory board pages for a complete set of boards and members.

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Student and Faculty Expert Consulting

Saunders seeks community and company projects for team and individual assignments. More robust projects are primary candidates for Executive MBA capstone students, while all projects may be considered for MBA and Masters capstone projects, or senior undergraduate class assignments. Capstone projects are completed as part of course requirements and therefore are subject to academic calendars and selection by faculty and student teams. Saunders Consulting Group offers consulting options that are not limited by the academic calendar and specific course requirements.

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Additional Partnership Benefits

Partnerships provide many more enriching opportunities. These include providing rewarding mentorships for Saunders students, inviting students to tour corporate offices, or sponsoring one of our many featured events at Saunders.

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