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LinkedIn Group
Visit for discussions, news, and article sharing between Saunders students, faculty, alumni.

LinkedIn RIT Online Executive MBA
A private group for students and alumni of the RIT online Executive MBA program. A great resource for the online-only community.

International Business @ RIT
A private group for students and alumni of the International Business undergraduate program.

A private group for students and alumni of the Management Information Systems undergraduate program to host great discussions and broadening connections.

Saunders Student Services @ RIT
Keep up to date with Saunders events and important dates with other students and advisors.

Marketing @ RIT
Alumni-how are you using your degrees? Students- where would you like to work? What would you like to do?

For all stakeholders of the Management Information Systems program at Rochester Institute of Technology. Students, Faculty, Staff, Employers Welcome!

Saunders College of Business Wikipedia
Learn more about Saunders College of Business at RIT on the Wikipedia information page.

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