2022-23 Alumni News and Recognitions

Check out some of the great things our Saunders alumni are doing around the globe. Submit your latest career move or latest achievement to communications@saunders.rit.edu.

January 2023

Sarah Bates '22 (MBA) is starting as a sales representative for Baker Hughes, congratulations Sarah!

December 2022

Arash Memar ‘16 (MIS) and Megan Cornelius ‘17 (MIS and accounting) returned to Saunders to host “Imposter Syndrome Workshop” for students, providing advice on how to tackle imposter syndrome.

Sarah Bates '22 (MBA) is starting as a sales representative for Baker Hughes, congratulations Sarah!

November 2022

Sam Sherman ‘12 (new media marketing), co-founder of Socium Media recently celebrated the company being one of five finalists for Google’s Workplace Excellence award at the Premier Partner Awards 2022.

Mark Zettl ’96 (hotel and resort management) published “To Deliver Seamless Hospitality, Office Owners Go Directly To The Source” on Forbes, detailing how hospitality students are in high demand within the industry to enhance corporate work environments.

Megan Antonitto ’14 (MBA), Daniel Beca ’17 (MBA), Lindsay Connelly ’18 (MBA), and Andrew Sewnauth ’19 (MBA), have all been recognized on Rochester Business Journals’ Forty under 40! They were nominated by the community for the award, which highlights their professional success, community service, and commitment to inspiring change.

October 2022

Brooks Vertoske ‘21 (MBA) celebrated one year as a full-time marketing manager at EZaccessMD, a healthcare company that focuses on telemedicine services available in 29 states.

September 2022

Rhyse Nier ‘19 (finance and accounting) passed his CMA exam and started working as a financial analyst for the startup ZwitterCo in Boston, MA! ZwitterCo specializes in wastewater management filtration for industrial operators. Before joining ZwitterCo, he worked for two years at a Berkshire Hathaway company in their management program.

Prithvi Madhukar ‘18 (business administration) has published a novel titled Zero to Four Figures: Lessons Learned by a Broke CEO. The book follows Madhukar during the first three years of her entrepreneurship journey and challenges what the definition of success means, incorporating over sixty lessons she learned along the way.

July 2022

Zachary White ’17 (MIS and marketing) completed the brave climb of Mount Everest and was interviewed by FOX Weather. Learn more about Zachary’s experience at Saunders by viewing his Instagram takeover.

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