Career Services Coordinators

Bausch & Lomb Center

Did you know each student at RIT has a Career Services Coordinator assigned to them offering support and guidance on job search for co-op and full-time, resume and cover letter reviews, mock interview practice, and so much more?

Gretchen Burruto headshot
Associate Director
  • Graphic Design (BFA)
  • Interior Design (BFA)
  • New Media Design (BFA)
  • Visual Communication Design (MFA)
Shauna Newcomb headshot
Career Services Coordinator
  • Ceramics  (MFA)
  • Fine Arts Studio (MFA)
  • Furniture Design (MFA)
  • Glass (MFA)
  • Illustration (BFA)
  • Industrial Design (BFA)
  • Industrial Design (MFA)
  • Integrative Design (MS)
  • Metals and Jewelry Design (MFA)
  • Studio Arts (BFA)
  • Visual Art, All Grades (MST)
Nan Burgess-Whitman headshot
Career Services Coordinator
  • Film and Animation (BFA)
  • Film and Animation (MFA)
  • Media Arts and Technology (MS)
  • Motion Picture Science (BS)
  • Photographic and Imaging Arts (BFA)
  • Photography and Related Media (MFA)
  • Photographic Sciences (BS)
Julian Huenerfauth headshot
Assistant Director for International Student Career Services
  • Business Administration - Executive (MBA)
  • Business Administration (MBA)
  • Business Analytics (MS)
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovative Ventures (MS)
  • International Business (BS)
  • Management (BS)
  • Management (MS)
  • Management Information Systems (BS)
  • Supply Chain Management (BS)
Lisa Monette headshot
Assistant Director Special Events

Hospitality and Service Management (BS)
Hospitality and Service Management (MS)

Taylor Lincoln headshot
Career Services Coordinator
  • Accounting (BS)
  • Accounting (MS)
  • Accounting (MBA)
  • Computational Finance (MS)
  • Finance (BS)
  • Finance (MS)
  • Human Resource Development (MS)
  • Marketing (BS)
  • New Media Marketing (BS)
  • Service Leadership and Innovation (MS)
Michelle Magee headshot
Senior Associate Director for Employer Engagement
  • Computing Security (BS) (A-K)
    Computer Science (MS) (K-Q) 
Stephanie Ryan headshot
Career Services Coordinator
  • Computing Security (BS) (L-Z)
  • Computer Science (MS) (R-Z)
  • Data Science (MS)
  • Game Design and Development (BS) (L-Z)
  • Software Engineering (BS)
  • Software Engineering (MS)
Beth Touhsaent headshot
Career Services Coordinator
  • Computing and Information Technologies (BS)
  • Computing Security (MS)
  • Human Computer Interaction (MS)
  • Human-Centered Computing (BS)
  • Information Technology (BS)
  • Information Sciences and Technologies (MS)
  • Networking and Systems Administration (BS)
  • Networking and Systems Administration (MS)
  • New Media Interactive Development (BS)
  • Web and Mobile Computing (BS)
Diedra Livingston headshot
Assistant Director for Diversity Initiatives for Career Services
  • Computer Engineering (A-K) (BS)
  • Computer Engineering (MS)


Annette Stewart-Hickey headshot
Career Services Coordinator
  • Biomedical Engineering (BS)
  • Engineering Management (ME)
  • Industrial Engineering (BS)
  • Industrial and Systems Engineering (ME)
  • Industrial and Systems Engineering (MS)
  • Manufacturing Leadership (MS)
  • Mechanical Engineering (ME)
  • Mechanical Engineering (MS)
  • Product Development (MS)
  • Sustainable Engineering (ME)
  • Sustainable Engineering (MS)
  • Systems Engineering (ME)
Maria Pagani Wiegand headshot
Career Services Coordinator
  • Electrical Engineering (BS)
  • Electrical Engineering (MS)
  • Microelectronic Engineering (BS)
  • Microelectronic Engineering (MS)
  • Microelectronic Manufacturing Engineering (ME)
Diedra Livingston headshot
Assistant Director for Diversity Initiatives for Career Services
  • Computer Engineering Technology (BS)
  • Media Arts and Technology (BS)
  • Packaging Science (BS)
  • Packaging Science (MS)
  • Print and Graphic Media Science (MS)
Maureen Arquette headshot
Assistant Director
  • Civil Engineering Technology (BS)
  • Electrical/Mechanical Engineering Technology (BS)
  • Environmental Sustainability, Health, and Safety (BS)
  • Environmental, Health, and Safety Management (MS)
  • Manufacturing and Mechanical Systems Integration (MS)
  • Robotics & Manufacturing Engineering Technology (BS)
  • Mechatronics Engineering Technology (BS)


Kris Stehler headshot
Assistant Director
  • Biomedical Sciences (BS)
  • Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ultrasound) (BS)
  • Dietetics and Nutrition (BS)
  • Exercise Science (BS)
  • Health Systems Administration (MS)
  • Nutritional Sciences (BS)
  • Physician Assistant (BS/MS)
Taylor Lincoln headshot
Career Services Coordinator
  • Advertising and Public Relations (BS)
  • Communication (BS)
  • Communication and Media Technologies (MS)
  • Digital Humanities and Social Sciences (BS)
  • Economics (BS)
  • Experimental Psychology (MS)
  • Journalism (BS)
  • Museum Studies (BS)
  • Philosophy (BS)
  • Political Science (BS)
  • Psychology (BS)
  • Public Policy (BS)
  • School Psychology (MS)
  • Science, Technology and Public Policy (MS)
  • Sociology and Anthropology (BS)
Kris Stehler headshot
Assistant Director
  • Applied and Computational  Mathematics (MS)
  • Applied Mathematics (BS)
  • Applied Statistics (MS)
  • Applied Statistics and Actuarial Science (BS)
  • Astrophysical Sciences and Technology (MS)
  • Biochemistry (BS)
  • Bioinformatics (BS)
  • Bioinformatics (MS)
  • Biology (BS)
  • Biotechnology and Molecular Bioscience (BS)
  • Chemistry (BS)
  • Chemistry (MS) Computational Mathematics (BS)
  • Environmental Science (BS)
  • Environmental Science (MS) Materials Science and Engineering (MS)
  • Physics (BS)
Jim Bondi headshot
Associate Director
  • Color Science (MS)
  • Imaging Science (BS)
  • Imaging Science (MS)