Co-op Wages by Degree

At RIT, an integral component of our students’ education is to gain relevant, real-world experience in their field before graduating. The majority of undergraduate programs require a co-op component.

Learn more about the co-op requirements, options, and salaries for each program below. Programs labeled with “ID” indicate that insufficient data exists for that data set. This can be due to low student reporting or the program being new at RIT.

Program Co-op Avg Co-op Max
3D Digital Design BFA ID ID
Accounting and Analytics MS ID ID
Accounting BS $20.98 $29.95
Advertising and Public Relations BS ID ID
Applied and Computational Mathematics MS ID ID
Applied Mathematics BS $23.42 $35.00
Applied Modern Language and Culture BS ID ID
Applied Statistics and Data Analytics BS $25.21 $32.00
Applied Statistics MS ID ID
Architecture M.Arch. $20.36 $25.00
Artificial Intelligence MS ID ID
ASL-English Interpretation BS ID ID
Astrophysical Sciences and Technology MS ID ID
Astrophysical Sciences and Technology Ph.D. ID ID
Biochemistry BS $21.67 $28.00
Bioinformatics and Computational Biology BS $22.33 $25.00
Bioinformatics MS ID ID
Biology BS ID ID
Biomedical and Chemical Engineering Ph.D. ID ID
Biomedical Engineering BS $22.16 $32.00
Biomedical Engineering MS ID ID
Biomedical Sciences BS $20.46 $26.00
Biotechnology and Molecular Bioscience BS $20.60 $25.00
Business Administration MBA $24.98 $50.00
Business Administration Ph.D. ID ID
Business Administration–Executive MBA ID ID
Business Administration–Online Executive MBA ID ID
Business Analytics MS $24.62 $40.00
Ceramics MFA ID ID
Chemical Engineering BS $22.54 $42.19
Chemical Engineering MS ID ID
Chemistry BS ID ID
Chemistry MS ID ID
Civil Engineering Technology BS $20.71 $42.00
Cognitive Science Ph.D. ID ID
Color Science MS ID ID
Color Science Ph.D. $38.85 $52.00
Communication BS $16.84 $25.00
Communication MS ID ID
Communication Networks MS $27.00 $35.00
Community Development and Inclusive Leadership BS ID ID
Computational Mathematics BS $25.67 $42.00
Computer Engineering BS $25.38 $57.00
Computer Engineering MS $35.55 $48.00
Computer Engineering Technology BS $25.48 $55.00
Computer Science BS $26.01 $67.50
Computer Science MS $32.13 $57.00
Computing and Information Sciences Ph.D. $40.50 $60.00
Computing and Information Technologies BS $21.13 $49.76
Construction Management MS ID ID
Criminal Justice BS ID ID
Criminal Justice MS ID ID
Cybersecurity BS $25.37 $62.00
Cybersecurity MS $28.51 $52.00
Data Science MS $30.33 $70.66
Diagnostic Medical Sonography (Ultrasound) BS ID ID
Dietetics and Nutrition MS ID ID
Economics BS $21.55 $30.00
Electrical and Computer Engineering Ph.D. ID ID
Electrical Engineering BS $24.11 $47.00
Electrical Engineering MS $32.25 $50.00
Electrical Engineering Technology BS $23.38 $30.50
Engineering Management MS ID ID
English BS ID ID
Environmental Science BS ID ID
Environmental Science MS ID ID
Environmental Sustainability, Health and Safety BS $23.12 $44.00
Environmental, Health and Safety Management MS $29.03 $35.00
Exercise Science BS ID ID
Experimental Psychology MS ID ID
Film and Animation BFA $21.88 $38.00
Film and Animation MFA $19.07 $21.20
Finance BS $19.74 $28.85
Finance MS ID ID
Fine Arts Studio MFA ID ID
Furniture Design MFA ID ID
Game Design and Development BS $21.26 $55.77
Game Design and Development MS ID ID
Global Business Management BS $17.77 $22.00
Global Public Health BS ID ID
Global Supply Chain Management MS ID ID
Graphic Design BFA $19.75 $37.00
Health and Well-Being Management MS ID ID
Health Care Interpretation MS ID ID
Health Informatics MS ID ID
History BS ID ID
Hospitality and Tourism Management BS $16.80 $20.00
Hospitality Business Management MS ID ID
Human-Centered Computing BS $23.24 $45.00
Human-Computer Interaction MS $29.99 $63.84
Humanities, Computing, and Design BS $20.46 $30.00
Illustration BFA $16.19 $20.00
Imaging Science BS $25.70 $29.00
Imaging Science MS $31.67 $35.00
Imaging Science Ph.D. ID ID
Individualized Program BS $22.80 $57.69
Industrial and Systems Engineering MS $25.99 $37.02
Industrial Design BFA $18.35 $24.50
Industrial Design MFA ID ID
Industrial Engineering BS $23.70 $39.00
Information Technology and Analytics MS $25.53 $49.00
Interior Design BFA $17.50 $21.50
International and Global Studies BS ID ID
Journalism BS $15.68 $17.00
Management Information Systems (MIS) BS $23.56 $49.31
Manufacturing and Mechanical Systems Integration MS $28.06 $39.38
Manufacturing Leadership MS ID ID
Marketing BS $18.11 $29.81
Materials Science and Engineering MS ID ID
Mathematical Modeling Ph.D. ID ID
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Ph.D. ID ID
Mechanical Engineering BS $23.22 $47.12
Mechanical Engineering ME $28.33 $42.67
Mechanical Engineering MS ID ID
Mechanical Engineering Technology BS $22.56 $40.00
Mechatronics Engineering Technology BS $22.58 $37.50
Medical Illustration BFA $17.28 $21.00
Medical Illustration MFA $28.27 $30.00
Metals and Jewelry Design MFA $24.40 $36.00
Microelectronic Engineering BS $24.09 $32.75
Microelectronic Engineering MS $49.00 $52.00
Microsystems Engineering Ph.D. ID ID
Motion Picture Science BS ID ID
Museum Studies BS $15.87 $17.20
Neuroscience BS ID ID
New Media Design BFA $19.64 $38.00
New Media Interactive Development BS $22.28 $32.00
Nutritional Sciences BS $16.02 $19.00
Organizational Leadership and Innovation MS ID ID
Packaging Science BS $24.20 $33.00
Packaging Science MS $30.65 $38.13
Philosophy BS ID ID
Photographic and Imaging Arts BFA $16.56 $20.00
Photographic Sciences BS $17.94 $22.00
Photography and Related Media MFA ID ID
Physician Assistant BS/MS ID ID
Physics BS $22.73 $30.00
Physics MS ID ID
Physics Ph.D. ID ID
Political Science BS ID ID
Print and Graphic Media Science MS $20.92 $25.00
Print and Graphic Media Technology BS $17.49 $27.98
Product Development MS $37.40 $45.67
Professional Studies MS ID ID
Project Management MS ID ID
Psychology BS $16.06 $23.00
Robotics and Manufacturing Engineering Technology BS $22.03 $35.00
Science, Technology and Public Policy MS ID ID
Secondary Education of Students Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing MS ID ID
Sociology and Anthropology BS ID ID
Software Engineering BS $25.68 $59.89
Software Engineering MS $30.01 $53.08
Studio Arts BFA ID ID
Supply Chain Management BS $20.10 $30.00
Sustainability Ph.D. ID ID
Sustainable Systems MS $27.19 $35.00
Technology Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship MS ID ID
Visual Arts–All Grades (Art Education) MST ID ID
Visual Communication Design MFA $25.94 $56.00
Web and Mobile Computing BS $25.23 $45.00
Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies BS ID ID