Career Counseling

Career counselors frequently assist students who are thinking of changing their major, have encountered academic difficulty, and are seeking information about the world of work. Conversations with career counselors allow students to generate ideas for academic majors and career paths, review relevant occupational information, and work together to decide on a career goal.


Learn something new about yourself through self-assessments. Explore your skills, personality traits, and values before meeting with your career counselor when searching for a new major or career path.

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Explore a New Path

You will likely spend more than 90,000 hours of your life working. It makes sense to pick a career that you will enjoy and continue to learn about in the years to come. See which one of the six interest categories you fall into and where your career path could take you.

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Graduate School Info

Choosing to go to graduate school is a very important decision that affects your career and future. Graduate school could be a great option if you’re considering training for a specialized field, advancing your earning potential, or changing career fields. See if graduate school is right for you.

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