Employer Evaluations

Evaluating your co-op/internship student is an important part of RIT's co-op program. It provides the student, their academic department, and the Office of Career Services and Cooperative Education valuable feedback regarding the student's job performance. The evaluation is required for students to receive credit for their experience.

Performance Feedback

Use the evaluation to:

  • Provide formalized performance feedback for your co-op student.
  • Realistically assess your student’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Make recommendations for the student’s further professional and academic development.

You will be asked to rate your student on a scale of 1-5 on the following areas/skill sets and provide feedback in text box comments. For some programs, you may have additional industry-specific questions.

5 = Excellent Performance, 4 = Very Good Performance, 3 = Good Performance, 2 = Fair Performance, 1 = Poor Performance, 0 = Not Applicable

  • Critical Thinking: Effectively solves problems by integrating a diverse body of knowledge and skills.
  • Creative/Innovative: Synthesizes existing ideas, images, or expertise in original ways
  • Writing: Demonstrates effective written skills
  • Communication: Expresses oneself effectively in presentations
  • Cultural Diversity: Identify perspectives and experiences different from one's own
  • Information Literacy: Accesses and synthesizes information from appropriate sources
  • Initiative: Originates ideas and seeks new responsibilities, proactively seeks assistance
  • Collaboration/Teamwork: Works effectively with others           
  • Ethics: Demonstrates ethical and professional behavior
  • Self-Reflection: Recognizes own strengths and weaknesses and utilizes constructive feedback to improve performance
  • Leadership: Demonstrates ability or potential to lead others and/or projects
  • Reliability: Is dependable, conscientious, and punctual
  • Quality of Work: Demonstrates accuracy, thoroughness, timeliness
  • Quantity of Work: Demonstrates acceptable volume, pace, and effort
  • Quality of Technical Preparation
  • Overall Performance

Additional Questions/Comments

  • Would this student be competitive for permanent employment?
  • Please identify any additional strengths.
  • Please identify any recommended areas for improvement.
  • Please enter any additional comments you would like to add about this student's performance.

Process for Completion

Toward the end of each academic term, you will receive an email from Career Services with a link to a co-op student evaluation form. 

To complete the evaluation:

  1. Visit www.rit.edu/Eval
  2. Log in with your username (your email).
  3. Enter your password or click "Create or Change Password" to set up or change a password.
  4. Complete and submit the evaluation. There is a two-hour limit; be sure to save your progress throughout the evaluation.
  5. Print a copy as a PDF for your records.

Please note: If a student is on co-op/internship with you for more than one semester, a separate evaluation is required each semester.

Changes to the evaluation can only be made before you submit the evaluation. Once you submit the form, modifications can only be made by calling us.

If you have questions or concerns, please email oceeval@rit.edu or contact 585-475-2301.