Employer Evaluations

Evaluating your co-op student is an important part of the co-op program at RIT. The evaluation gives the student, their academic department, and the Office of Career Services and Cooperative Education valuable feedback regarding their performance on-the-job.


Near the end of a student’s co-op work term, the company representative or supervisor will receive an email from our office with a username, password, and link to the evaluation. (Employers who are unable to use the online evaluation need to notify our office and we will work with you to help you complete a co-op evaluation).

Employer Co-op Evaluation Login

Process for Completion

Once you access the link through your email:

  1. Click on a particular student in your directory to view and complete the evaluation.
  2. There is a two-hour limit. Be sure to save your progress through the evaluation.
  3. Click on “submit” to send your completed evaluation to us.
  4. Print a copy of the evaluation to review with the student when discussing their performance during the co-op.

Please Note: Changes to the evaluation can only be made before you submit the evaluation. Once you submit the form, modifications can only be made by calling us.

If you have questions or concerns, please email oceeval@rit.edu or contact 585-475-2301.