On-campus Supervisors

Coronavirus: Student Employment Office

We understand that RIT on-campus supervisors may have questions about their current employment options, which have been impacted by the campus response to COVID-19. Departments and managers of student employees will find more information in the Employment Continuity section of the FAQ.

The Student Employment Office makes the student hiring process easy.

Whether you are a new on-campus employer or you would like a quick refresher, attend the “Student Employment 101” training course offered through the Center for Professional Development at RIT.

Connect with our office to get started with Student Employment. We are always available to answer your questions or guide you through the employment process. Check out our Supervisor Handbook to review as a resource.

Handshake for Supervisors


Register an account on Handshake. To join your company, find the individual office or division through RIT. Do not enter the general “Rochester Institute of Technology” company. All positions that are currently and have previously entered into Handshake for your company are available to you once you register.

Example: a new supervisor with Grace Watson Dining Hall will join the “RIT – Dining Services” company. 

If you have any questions about your company selection, contact our office for assistance in selecting the right company.

Posting Positions

Learn how to post jobs on Handshake by visiting our Employer Handshake Platform page.

All positions must be entered into Handshake and approved by the Student Employment Office. The position will be automatically assigned a Handshake ID number when it is created, and that is the number used on a student employee’s hire form.

The RIT login or Single Sign-On feature will not work for RIT staff. 

Please note that Dining Services supervisors will be directed to the Dining Services Business Office for Handshake assistance, due to the oversight required by Dining Services policies.

Hiring a Student


Students eligible for hire must have completed their I-9 and be registered full-time for the academic semester.

The only way to be sure that the student is eligible to work is to make sure you see their SEO Employment Eligibility card (SEO card). Never let a student employee start working before seeing their SEO card.

The following students are not eligible to work on-campus:

  • New incoming students starting fall semester
  • Currently suspended
  • Leave of absence
  • Recently graduated

Summer Employment

The student employee must have been registered full-time the previous semester AND registered for at least three credits for the summer or fall sessions.

Employment Process

  1. Check to see if there is already someone in your department or division that serves as the student employment contact. We find that in many cases, professors or other new supervisors will find that there is a coordinator in place in their department who can assist with the Student Employment Process.
  2. Post a position in Handshake, or refer to previous job postings to get their Handshake ID number.
  3. Send prospective student employees to the Student Employment Office to get their SEO card.
  4. Complete the hire form. If hiring above the minimum wage, complete an advanced level job description.
  5. Submit a hard copy of hire forms to the Student Employment Office.
  6. Once our office has processed the new hire paperwork, the student will appear in your Kronos with their badge number. If you do not yet have access to Kronos, please sign up for the Kronos Supervisor training through the Center for Professional Development.
    1. Students must receive payment for all work and hours performed for RIT