On-campus Supervisors

The Student Employment Office makes the student hiring process easy.

Whether you are a new on-campus employer or you would like a quick refresher, attend the “Student Employment 101” training course offered through the Center for Professional Development at RIT. Connect with our office to get started with Student Employment. We are always available to answer your questions or guide you through the employment process. 

Student Employment Virtual Policies

Each department must make sure the students will have important work and a supportive environment that can be fostered within the reality of our altered operations. All student employees will be expected to follow all implemented employee and student safety guidelines while working, and all building occupancy restrictions must be adhered to. 

Visit RIT's HR page on COVID-19 Supervisor FAQ

All hire/change forms can be sent to seosubmitforms@rit.edu. Please send one student per email, with that student’s name in the subject line.

This is a dedicated mailbox for hire/change forms only, please send any other inquiries to studentemployment@rit.edu.  

The Student Employment Office is not updating physical cards for the semester. Supervisors will send a list of returning students with UID’s to studentemployment@rit.edu and our office will verify eligibility directly with the supervisor.

We will complete SEO Cards and send them to the supervisors to distribute if/when they see their student workers.

Students must complete the federally mandated I-9 prior to their first day of work

  • Part 1 is completed online at www.newi9.com, using "RIT code 15083".
  • Part 2 of the I-9 is completed by appointment only.
  • Appointments can be made through RIT Career Connect at https://rit-csm.symplicity.com/
  • Students MAY NOT begin working until the I-9 has been completed.

Supervisors may reach out to Student Employment for an alternate process if they have a student employee who is beginning their job remotely and cannot physically come to the SEO to complete the I-9

Job postings can be accessed on RIT Career Connect. All hire forms must have a Career Connect number in the upper right corner.

Please note RIT cannot support remote work outside of the US  

Any student who will be working remotely outside of Rochester, NY must be reported to Payroll. Please send the following information to payroll@rit.edu

  • Student name
  • Supervisor name
  • City/state student is performing work in
  • Start/end date of remote work

Student paychecks will be mailed directly to the address the student has on their employment file

  • Paper paychecks will not be sent to departments
  • Student are encouraged to sign up for a direct deposit to avoid any delays in pay, information on direct deposit will be available on the SEO and Payroll websites

Any questions regarding the student employment process can be sent to studentemployment@rit.edu. When the SEO staff returns to the office we will be operating by appointment only. Information regarding how to make appointments will be forthcoming.

Career Connect for Supervisors


Register an account on Career Connect. To join your company, find the individual office or division through RIT. Do not enter the general “Rochester Institute of Technology” company. All positions that are currently and have previously entered into Handshake for your company are available to you once you register.

If you have any questions about your company selection, contact our office for assistance in selecting the right company.

Posting Positions

Learn how to post jobs on Career Connect by visiting our Employer Career Connect page.

All positions must be entered into Career Connect and approved by the Student Employment Office. The position will be automatically assigned a Career Connect ID number when it is created, and that is the number used on a student employee’s hire form.

The RIT login or Single Sign-On feature will not work for RIT staff. 

Please note that Dining Services supervisors will be directed to the Dining Services Business Office for Career Connect assistance, due to the oversight required by Dining Services policies.

Hiring a Student


Students eligible for hire must have completed their I-9 and be registered full-time for the academic semester.

The only way to be sure that the student is eligible to work is to make sure you see their SEO Employment Eligibility card (SEO card). Never let a student employee start working before seeing their SEO card.

The following students are not eligible to work on-campus:

  • New incoming students starting fall semester
  • Currently suspended
  • Leave of absence
  • Recently graduated

Summer Employment

The student employee must have been registered full-time the previous semester AND registered for at least three credits for the summer or fall sessions.

Employment Process

  1. Check to see if there is already someone in your department or division that serves as the student employment contact. We find that in many cases, professors or other new supervisors will find that there is a coordinator in place in their department who can assist with the Student Employment Process.
  2. Post a position in Career Connect, or refer to previous job postings to get their Career Connect ID number.
  3. Send prospective student employees to the Student Employment Office to get their SEO card.
  4. Complete the hire form. If hiring above the minimum wage, complete an advanced level job description.
  5. Submit a hard copy of hire forms to the Student Employment Office.
  6. Once our office has processed the new hire paperwork, the student will appear in your Kronos with their badge number. If you do not yet have access to Kronos, please sign up for the Kronos Supervisor training through the Center for Professional Development.
    1. Students must receive payment for all work and hours performed for RIT