Learn something new about yourself and explore career paths that connect with your interests, skills, values, and personality traits. Meet with a Career Counselor for guidance on the right assessment for you or for reviewing your results.

Things to consider as you take career assessments:

  • Assessments provide you with broad suggestions to consider. It is okay if you are not interested in all of the results presented.
  • There are no right or wrong answers for career assessments, and being honest leads to more accurate recommendations.
  • It is recommended that you complete assessments on multiple traits; personality, skills, values, and interests are all important factors in choosing a career or major.
  • Career Counselors are available to help you understand your results.


When interests align with career and major choices it is easier to be engaged in tasks and learn new skills. These assessments will help you identify career-related interests and provide suggestions of occupations and majors that may be of interest to you.

Career OneStop Interest Assessment
This quick 30-question assessment identifies your interests and matches them to careers. 


O*NET Interest Profiler

This 60-question assessment measures your interests and shows how they relate to careers.

Strong Interest Inventory 

Interested in digging deeper into your interests and getting a more personalized career profile? Career Counselors at the Office of Career Services and Cooperative Education can give you access to this interest assessment, a commonly used assessment instrument to identify your interests and occupations. Make an appointment on Career Connect to learn more.


The skills you have and enjoy using may suggest majors and career paths that will appeal to you. These assessments can help you identify skills you already have and the skills you may want to develop for previously identified careers of interest. 

Skills Matcher 

This assessment asks a series of questions that allow you to identify the skills and activities you currently have. Review a customized result that will provide a list of careers that match your skillset.

O*NET Skills Search 

Identify the skills you have or plan to acquire, and Skills Search will identify occupations matching your abilities.

My Skills, My Future 

If you have had a job and are looking to identify other occupations that will use your skillset, this inventory may give you some good ideas.

Personality Traits

Understanding aspects of your personality can help you identify work environments that are well-suited for you. No single personality trait is advantageous over another, but being aware of one’s personal preferences is an important step in making a satisfactory career choice.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

This is a popular assessment that can be taken after meeting with a career counselor at the Office of Career Services and Cooperative Education. The counselor will then review your preferences and provide you with a report that links your preferences to career families and job titles that may suit your style.

16 Personalities

This personality assessment will explore the 16 different personality types, including career paths and workplace habits.


Work can be more satisfying when it fulfills our values. The following assessments can help you prioritize your essential work values.

Work Values Card Sort

Rate a number of cards from most important to not important regarding your values in the workplace. Your career counselor can explore different career paths and workplaces that would match your values best.