Co-op and Experiential Learning Options

Motion Picture Science BS

You will have a wide range of opportunities for career preparation directly related to your field of study, all of which provide hands-on experiences that turn knowledge into know-how.

Co-op/Internship Encouraged

Co-op Options

Full-time Co-op Work Week (35 to 40 hours per week)
Part-time Co-op Work Week (10 to 15 hours per week, not to exceed 20)
Unpaid work may qualify for co-op credit with department approval.

Acceptable Substitutions for Co-op

International Experience: International co-op/internship is allowed and study abroad may be allowed with department approval.
Internship Class for Academic Credit: A credit-bearing internship class may be allowed with department approval.

Co-op Prep Course

Co-op Prep Course not required

Typical Co-op Schedule


Career Services Contact

Portrait of Mindy Blake.
Mindy Blake
Career Services Coordinator