First Destination Survey

Share Your Plans After Graduation

Congratulations on your RIT graduation! This year, it is even more vital for our office to understand what you are doing after graduation. Whether you have set plans, or they are still up in the air, the information you share with us will help us to understand the current climate and identify those of you who may still need some assistance.

Complete the survey to let us know if you will be starting a job, pursuing another degree, creating a business, working freelance, joining the service, or still seeking a job. Our office collects this information for RIT -- the data is secure, your name is not associated with it, and it is only shown in a grouped format. Personal information is kept confidential.

Career Connect First Destination Survey launching soon!

Salary and Career Information

We provide grouped data from the survey on the Salary and Career Info page of our site. It helps prospective students, current students, and recent grads know what others from their program have received for starting salaries. It can be useful when negotiating a salary. 

Job Search Strategies

Still seeking a job? Filling out the survey will let the Office of Career Services know who we should be in contact with about openings, job search tips, programming, and more. Visit our Job Search page for information on resume writing, cover letters, networking, interviewing, salary negotiation, portfolio preparation, and more.