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Salary and Career Info

Chemistry MS

A masters degree in chemistry prepares you for a job in a countless number of industries and for Ph.D. programs in chemistry. Maximize your career potential by gaining skills that are transferable to any field of interest.

Program skills

The program offers two options: a thesis or a project. Concentrations are available in organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, polymer chemistry, materials science, and biochemistry. Customized concentrations are available to accommodate specific student interests and needs relating to graduate study in chemistry.

Program facilities equipment

Students are exposed to several different resources throughout their education: GC-MS, LC-MS, HPLC systems,  Atomic Absorption, 300 MHz, NMR, 500MHz NMR, Fluorimeters, UV-Vis, Centrifuge, Electrochem Equipment, Viscometer, Electrophoresis, TGA’s, DSC’s, DMA. Magnetic susceptibility optical microscope inert gas chamber spin coater.

Program job titles reported

Analytical Chemist; Organic Chemist; Assistant/Associate Research and Development Scientist; Quality Control Specialist; Inorganic Chemist; Materials Scientist; Physical Chemist; Medical Chemist; Lab Technician

Program significant points

  • In addition to covering chemistry in our courses, we also place a high emphasis on effective communication, which includes a scientific writing course and at least two seminar presentations.

Select program hiring partners

Sevenson Environmental Services, Smithsonian Museum Conservation Institute, The Getty Foundation


  • Consumer Packaged Goods

  • Food and Beverage

  • Manufacturing

  • Medical Devices

  • Pharmaceuticals


Outcome Rates*

Total percentage of graduates who have entered the workforce, enrolled in full-time graduate study, or are pursuing alternative plans (military service, volunteering, etc.).


Knowledge Rate

*Total percentage of graduates for whom RIT has verifiable data, compared to national average knowledge rate of 41% per NACE.
Outcome % of Students
Employed 33.00%
Full-time Graduate Study 67.00%
Alternative Plans 0%
Outcome % of Students
Employed 33.00%
Full-time Graduate Study 67.00%
Alternative Plans 0%