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Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director
Eastman Hall, Room 2160

Jason Scott is currently the Director of the Master of Science program in the Department of Criminal Justice. He received his B.S. in Criminal Justice from Roberts Wesleyan College and both his M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from the School of Criminal Justice at the University at Albany. A member of the Criminal Justice Department faculty since 2005, Professor Scott’s primary research interests include community policing, social capital, and the role of criminal justice and other civic institutions in community capacity building.

From 2007 to 2012 Professor Scott served as the Research Partner to the Rochester Safe and Sound (RSS) project. RSS was a federally sponsored Comprehensive Anti-Gang Initiative (CAGI) that coordinated local criminal justice and community agencies. This research examined prevention, enforcement and re-entry services designed to address gang membership and violence in the city of Rochester. 

Courses Offered

  • Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • Crime, Justice, and Community
  • Seminar in Criminal Justice and Public Policy
  • Law Enforcement in Society



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