Department of Medical Sciences, Health, and Management


The Department of Medical Sciences, Health, and Management is dedicated to improving lives in our global community by educating a diverse group of highly competent and compassionate health professionals. The department combines existing programs in Biomedical Sciences, Health Systems Management, and Medical Illustration. A new program in Global Public Health is expected to launch in Fall 2023.


  • Serve as a national leader in healthcare education, preparing a diverse group of students for careers and lifelong learning in the areas of medical science, healthcare management, global public health, and biomedical communications.
  • Promote the values of lifelong learning, enabling graduates to adapt to rapid changes in the healthcare field.
  • Promote a culture that supports diversity, inclusion, critical thinking, leadership, and creativity.
  • Cultivate faculty and student research to discover and disseminate knowledge.
  • Emphasize the principles of ethics, honesty, and rigor in research.

Undergraduate Degrees and Certificates

With a bachelor’s in biomedical sciences, you'll be prepared to accept top research positions or to apply to premier medical schools for medicine, osteopathic, podiatry, dentistry, veterinary, and to graduate programs in the health professions for pharmacy, physician assistant, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and more.

Learn more about the Biomedical Sciences BS program 

Learn the fundamentals of the U.S. health care system, the organizations that delivery services, how various services are financed, and the management and leadership skills needed within these organizations to effectively serve individual patients and the larger community.

Learn more about the Health Systems Administration Certificate program 

Global Public Health BS (anticipated Fall 2023)

Graduate Degrees and Advanced Certificates

Gain the finance and management skills needed to advance your career in the health care industry.

Learn more about the Health Care Finance Adv. Cert. program 

In this health care management online degree, you'll combine the leadership and organizational management competencies of an MBA with the specialized skills required to manage within the intricate health care industry.

Learn more about the Health Systems Management MS program 

In RIT's medical illustration degree you'll become a highly skilled medical illustrator who can transform complex medical information into visual images that are used in education, research, patient care, public relations, legal cases, and health care marketing.

Learn more about the Medical Illustration MFA program 


Global Public Health (anticipated Fall 2022)



  • Open lab with large desks and a projector
    Biomedical Sciences Lab

    The Biomedical Sciences Laboratory is fully equipped with ventilated hoods, centrifuges, and benchtop equipment to support experiments in molecular biology and microbiology.

  • Cadaver lab with 6 tables
    Cadaver Lab

    Human gross anatomy is taught in the fall (for medical illustration majors) and in the spring (for physician assistant and biomedical sciences majors) with the use of cadaver specimens acquired from the University of Rochester's School of Medicine.  

  • Students wearing lab coats, looking into microscopes.
    Center for Bioscience Education and Technology (CBET)

    The Center for Bioscience Education and Technology (CBET) is the Northeast region's hub for medical-related academic programs, workshops, and summer sessions for K-12 teachers and students, and customized workforce training and professional-development services for the biosciences industry.<