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Your Room

Students living at the RIT Inn have the option of a double room or using a double as a single. The RIT Inn is fully furnished and amenity-rich with a pool, sauna, fitness center, printing, and study center available to students. A MicroFridge, TV, and standard cable are provided in each room as well. 

We advise waiting until your arrival to determine the dimensions of the room and the furniture. Students who are unsure about whether an item will fit in their new space are advised to move-in first and then add additional items.

We are not able to accommodate tours of Upperclass housing.


TigerTV/STREAM 2 and SHOWTIME ANYTIME® are free for all students living in RIT housing

Once you are on campus and are connected to the RIT campus network you can immediately log into TigerTV/Stream 2 and start watching your favorite sports, shows, and movies. This includes 20 hours of DVR storage.

Get Started:

  • Download the Stream2 App from the App Store to your device. If using a laptop or web browser go to webplayer.mystream2.com
  • Download instructions can be found here
  • Open the app and select Rochester Institute of Technology as your institution
  • Log in using your Rochester Institute of Technology username and password
  • You must be on the RIT campus network to stream TigerTV

Once living in RIT Housing you can stream SHOWTIME ANYTIME® on your favorite device, both on and off-campus. Instant and unlimited access to 1,000’s of choices on any device, whenever you want.

Get Started:

  1. Download the SHOWTIME ANYTIME® app or go to SHOWTIMEANYTIME.COM
  2. Click on “LOG IN”
  3. Select “SEE ALL PROVIDERS” and click on “APOGEE”

If you need assistance - please contact the Stream2- 24/7 help and support desk.


All rooms at the Inn have wireless network access. Additionally, an Ethernet jack is provided for every student in the Inn, which allows you direct access to the RIT network and the internet. To access the RIT network, you must have an RIT computer account and agree to abide by the RIT code of conduct for computer and network use. Students are responsible for protecting their own computer systems with UL-approved surge protectors.

An ethernet jack is provided for every student in the Inn, which allows you direct access to the RIT network and the Internet.

Room Details

Each room includes:

  • Two double beds
  • Two desks
  • Two desk chairs
  • One night stand
  • One six-drawer dresser
  • One side chair
  • Window shades
  • Built-in closet
  • Wastebasket and recycle bin
  • TV
  • MicroFridge

To comply with fire-safety regulations, we limit appliances to clocks, televisions, personal computers, printers, DVD players, surge-protection outlet strips, stereos, fans, hairdryers, curling irons, hot rollers, electric razors, and electric toothbrushes. Any hot beverage appliance that has an automatic shut off can be used in a student room. All appliances must be UL-approved.

Each room comes with an alarm clock, iron, ironing board, and hair dryer.

Cooking meals in residents’ rooms is not allowed. Appliances that are intended to be used for cooking are prohibited; examples are, but not limited to, rice maker, toaster, toaster oven, cake pop, George Foreman grill, etc. No appliance may have an exposed heating element.

Extension cords are prohibited in RIT Housing.

Our mattresses have a firm and plush side. Due to safety requirements, only RIT mattresses can be used. We recommend that you bring a cotton mattress cover. Mattresses in all rooms are doubles. All rooms have window shades. Curtains are not needed and are prohibited. 

The RIT Inn provides on-wall bedside lamps, floor lamp, and desk lamps. You may bring your own lamps. Torchier or any style lamp(s) that use a halogen bulb 300 watts or more are prohibited. Torchier style lamps that use a compact florescent or incandescent bulb are permitted.

Telephones and phone lines are provided. There will be no charge for local phone calls.

Building Details

The mailing address for the RIT Inn is as follows:

(Your Name and Room)

5257 W Henrietta Rd

Henrietta, NY 14467

Storage space is not available. We suggest that at the beginning of the year you attempt to send home as much of your excess luggage, boxes, and crates as possible.

Your Responsibilities

Room care and cleanliness of common areas (bathroom, kitchen, living room, etc.) are the responsibility of the students who share the space—one reason we ask students about their cleaning preferences. Rooms must be kept clean for health and safety reasons. Vacuum cleaners may be obtained from Residence Life.

  • RIT strongly encourages all students to maintain insurance coverage for their personal possessions while attending school. RIT assumes no responsibility for losses of students' personal belongings.
  • RIT is pleased to offer Personal Property Insurance through Gallagher Student Insurance. The College Student Property & Renters Insurance is underwritten by Allianz and offers several different limit and deductible options providing students greater flexibility to select the type and amount of coverage that best serves their needs. All GSI policyholders are automatically eligible to purchase ALL risk coverage for photography related equipment that is rented or borrowed for short term periods up to an additional $25,000 in value per occurrence.
  • The plans are available through Gallagher Student Insurance (888-411-4911). Please refer to their website for additional details and exclusions. Also included are annual rates, additional general information about the program, and an application form.

Accommodation & Services

Strobe light warning equipment is provided in each room where a deaf or hard-of-hearing student might live. All deaf or hard-of-hearing students will be assigned to fire-strobed rooms.

All apartments in RIT Housing have ADA accommodated rooms and spaces for students with disabilities and special medical needs. 

To discuss accommodation needs, contact the Office of Disability Services as early as possible at 585-475-2023. For fall term entrance, the Application for Services for Students with Disabilities must be submitted to Disability Services by May 1. RIT will make all efforts to accommodate your needs based on the availability of resources. Severe allergies that cannot be managed with medication are the only types of allergies that may qualify for a special housing accommodation.

A resident with a disability who would like to request the use of a service or assistance animal due to their disability must contact the Director of Disability Services

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