Controlled Staff Replacement FAQs


If a position was posted, then later removed and put on hold, and the hiring manager decides to resume the recruitment process with the existing pool of candidates, the hiring manager may move forward with next steps in the hiring process. Questions about next steps may be directed to the staff recruiter or

Cancel the existing requisition in BrassRing, and create a new one. The new requisition will have to go through the online approval process again. You or your staff recruiter can send a communication through BrassRing to the candidates who applied to the previous requisition, inviting them to apply to the new requisition. The new requisition will be automatically posted to our external advertising sites.

All pending requisitions are currently going through the approval process. No action is required at this time. Once approved, the requisitions will be opened and posted, and the hiring manager will receive an automated system notification that it has been posted.