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Plan Your Day 2019

Sustainable Architecture: From WASTING to MAKING

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Art and Design, Sustainability

Sustainable Architecture: From WASTING to MAKING

Exhibit Code: SUS-FLR3
Zone: Green Place
Location: Sustainability Hall (SUS/081) - Third Floor
Time: All Day
Appropriate for all ages? Yes

Architectural design and the concept of WASTE in material choices, building assemblages, construction processes, and product selection will be explored, and compared to sustainable opportunities that can MAKE useful, tangible, creative and innovative ARTIFACTS within an architectural realm. Student design projects will be shared with a focus on wood and an attention to craft, construction, connection and energy efficiency. Items on display will include architectural drawings and models.

Dennis A. Andrejko, Nana-Yaw Andoh, Claire Witt, Kemal Kirca, Jianrui Shen, Reddish Liu, Shian Wu


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