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Plan Your Day 2019


Autonomous Model Car Competition

Exhibit Code: CLK-0110
Zone: RIT Central
Location: George H. Clark Gymnasium (CLK/003) - Clark Gym
Time: All Day
Appropriate for all ages? Yes

Come see live racing of autonomous 1/18-scale cars created by student teams from RIT and other universities. In this competition, the winning car is the fastest to complete the track without derailing. The teams will be racing in Clark Gym during Imagine RIT. Practice trials will take place throughout the morning, and the competition will be from approximately 2:00 p.m. until 3:00 p.m. Come join the excitement and cheer for your family, friends, or your favorite team/car.

Roy Melton, Ray Ptucha, Lou Beato, Jay Yang, Austin Brogan, Adam Smith, Brian Powers, Brandon Key, Brian Landy, Christopher Guarini, Caitlin Barron, Caleb Shouse, Carson Clarke-Magrab, Christopher Cassidy, David Lin, Hongda Lin, Joshua Eng, James Smith, Kenji Akaizawa, Konstantinos Konstas, Muhammad Mustafa Kamran, Mohammed Ali, Ryan Glossop, Susan Margevich, Seth Deane, Varun Malhotra, Walter Schaertl, Jason Blocklove, Taikhoom Attar, Joseph Panaro, Brendan Wells


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