Product Development Overview

Program Overview

New products and services are the lifeblood of today's high technology firms, and companies need more technically grounded leaders to drive the engine for business growth.  RIT’s Master of Science in Product Development (MPD) program is designed for engineers, scientists, technical managers, and other experienced professionals who aspire to mid- and senior-level positions associated with product innovation.  The program integrates business and engineering courses consistent with cross-functional, holistic, end-to-end product development and the systems perspective so critical to conceive, create, launch, and support today’s complex product portfolios.

Participants acquire the foundation skills and strategic perspective necessary to become future leaders and senior managers responsible for driving business growth through new products and services.  They develop receptiveness to change and continuous improvement, an understanding of the enablers to business success, and an enhanced ability to recognize barriers early in the commercialization cycle when corrective actions are least costly.  In short, the MPD program prepares today’s technical experts for successful careers as project leaders and technically grounded senior managers of their enterprises.

Designed by academic and industry leaders, MPD integrates formal education with state-of-the-art research and industrial best practices, to stay on the cutting edge.  An elective and a Capstone project provide flexibility to tailor program content to specific learning objectives of students and sponsoring organizations.

The 30-credit program is offered fully on-line or as a blend of on-line and on-campus courses.  Students may start any term (fall, spring, summer) and complete courses at their own pace, either part-time or full-time.


Most students are sponsored by an employer who is committed to improving leadership capabilities in product development. Sponsorship includes financial support and a commitment to work with the student to provide clear expectations and a well-articulated career development plan that builds upon the program. Candidates are welcome to sponsor themselves. Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship for information.