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NSF Requiring for Proposal Submission

Innovating and migrating proposal preparation and submission capabilities from FastLane to is part of the ongoing NSF information technology modernization efforts. Since the issuance of NSF Important Notice No. 147 in September 2020, NSF has been gradually removing FastLane as a submission option in program solicitations to increase proposal submissions. To further boost Research proposal submissions and support the transition of proposal preparation from FastLane to, NSF will begin removing FastLane as a submission option for program descriptions and require use of for proposal preparation and submission in response to those funding opportunities. FastLane is targeted to be removed as a submission option from all funding opportunities by December 31, 2022. 

For a list of program descriptions that require proposal preparation and submission in or and are no longer available in FastLane, see below.

Here are some Proposal Preparation and Submission Training Resources: